cant get read yahoo mail with bt yahoo as the isp

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by STUART SWANSTON, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. in typical one foot in the grave style i just don't believe it! i was
    perfectly happy with my bt openworld isp account until yesterday (i chose bt
    because the company is british, the support local the home page clean and
    tidy) following a problem accessing the account i followed the pop up screen
    recommendations and was referred to a premium rate number and found myself
    connected to an indian call centre at the very time when the transfer of
    jobs from scottish to indian call centres is a major debate up here. a long
    telphone call and a 45 minute daytime internet connection later to downlaod
    new software i discovered that the fix to my problem is that i am now the
    unwitting and most reluctant subscriber to bt yahoo which has all the worst
    aesthetic qualities of aol. at least the latter problem (primary school
    notice board web page design) could be solved by giving punters the
    opportunity to opt for one of a selection of home page styles one of which
    could be the old one. but just when i thought that a dumbed down homepage
    was a problem i found a new one.

    this evening i found the one website to which i cannot be connected to by my
    new isp via the address bar is my roving e-mail account at < >
    because bt yahoo won't let me get to yahoo mail but diverts me to my
    unwanted and empty bt yahoo mail box. it took five minutes for the indian
    call centre to pick up the call and after another five minutes jason or
    whoever decided that my line was too noisy and asked me to call again. when
    i did so i was advised that i had to log out of bt yahoo, dial in again but
    login to - and guess what - the help screens referred me back to
    the indian call centre. i doubt that i'm the only scot fuming in the small

    btopenworld was not broken so why on earth did bt try to fix it? what on
    earth was the problem for which this mess is the solution? bt must be
    rerlying on inertia in its customers (just as high street banks do) because
    i'll have to trawl thru my in and out boxes to make up an up-to-date address
    book before informing folk of my new isp/e-mail address. i don't know
    whether demon/scottish power uses indian call centres but i shall try to
    find an isp which uses a scottish or at least a british based call centre.
    it surely mustn't be hard to find an isp which is unable to connect to
    yahoo mail and which has an uglier home page. surely some one in bt must
    have considered that there would be glitches when handing over/selling-out
    to yahoo, that punters would get grumpy and grumpier still when refered to a
    permium rate number then almost incadescant when they realised they'd been
    referred to an indian call centre within days of reading about the latest
    indian call centre howlers in the scotsman/herald letters pages. (such as
    the life assurance client who rang to say he'd just lost his wife and was
    asked if he thought he might find her again)

    if you meet any of the people involved in the isp side of bt please see if
    you can get them to convice you that they had a good idea which they really
    considered would be welcomed by their customers. once they sort out the
    inaccessability of yahoo mail from bt yahoo they should realise that their
    rebranding/webpage design is as popular and will probably be much shorter
    lives than british airways squiggles on tailplanes. pc users are used to
    choosing their own wallpaper. bt should offer customers a choice of wall
    paper and button design and even offer them the opportunity to cover up the
    STUART SWANSTON, Dec 9, 2003
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