Can't connect client with DLINK DPR1260 print server/bridge

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Chris Cowles, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Chris Cowles

    Chris Cowles Guest

    I have a DLINK DPR-1260* print server with a single ethernet port. I used it
    successfully to connect a client computer to my wireless router, when the
    client was running Vista Ultimate. After connecting the print server to the
    wireless router, I plugged in the ethernet cable to the computer and it just

    After upgrading (not clean install) the computer to Win 7 Pro, I couldn't
    connect. Web pages would stall and normal network traffic choked. I had to
    resort to a USB wireless adapter, which is less than desirable. The DPR1260
    continues to work as expected as a print server using the USB port.

    I just bought a new HP desktop which was delivered with Win 7 x64 Home
    Premium. On arrival, that computer worked using the print server as a
    bridge. I plugged in a key for Win 7 Pro, and caught it up with MS Updates.
    After that, the bridge acted like the other computer, ie, it didn't. I have
    to use a different device for network connection.

    That change of behavior leads me to believe there's a config or software
    problem on the computer. If related, I've also installed MS Security
    Essentials. I don't recall the sequence of installing that vs connect
    failure but I recall having uninstalled security essentials in my previous
    attempts at resolution, with no success.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for further trouble-shooting?


    Chris Cowles, Mar 3, 2010
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