Can't configure Windows Firewall on laptop after setting up networ

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Sep 22, 2007.

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    I'm new to setting up a home network, & just successfully set up a wireless
    network with wireless broadband (USB modem), last week after invaluable help
    from an MVP on this site.

    I can't modify the Widows Firewall settings on my 1-yr old Dell laptop
    (running Media Edition 2005 SP2, all updates current). It connects to the
    network via a wireless adapter. My husband's desktop PC also connecting via a
    wireless adapter runs XP Home SP2, & I can modify his Windows Firewall

    On the PC wired to the router, the USB modem under Dial-up in Network
    Connections shows as connected, shared and firewalled since I enabled ICS.
    This PC runs XP Pro, & all updates are current (I can modify the Windows
    Firewall on this PC also).

    On the laptop when I double-click the Windows Firewall, there is a blue
    "highlighted" area towards the top of the General Tab which reads "For your
    security, some settings are controlled by Group Policy.

    When I open the Windows Firewall, the on/off options on the General Tab are
    not accessible. The 2nd tab (Exceptions) has the following 2 sentences:
    Windows Firewall is turned off. Your Network Administrator is using a Group
    policy to control these settings. The Advanced Tab however does say that the
    Windows Firewall is enabled for the wireless network connection.

    I don't know what Group Policy is or why the laptop & my husband's desktop
    PC ended up with different Windows Firewall settings when they were both
    connected wirelessly to the network within a day or so of each other.

    I thought the following article was close to the problem, as we did use AOL dial-up before
    the wireless broadband, & on my laptop I can't use the AOL dial-up
    properties, however when I type firewall.cpl in run, the Windows Firewall
    opens with the same inaccessible information as when I go through Control
    Panel, and it does not make sense that my husband's PC is not experiencing
    the same problem since we're both on SP2 & used AOL dial-up.

    I actually think this article comes the closest to describing the problem,
    except I'm not running a windows Small Business Server 2003-based network

    Any suggestions?
    Guest, Sep 22, 2007
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    Guest Guest

    OK, got it fixed. Still don’t know what caused it, but after doing a lot
    more reading, I found the following article, & tried Method #1.

    My virus software is always up to date, & no other computers were effected.
    Guest, Sep 22, 2007
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