Canon SD1000 - 15 sec exposure -- time delay exposure

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by actuary, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. actuary

    actuary Guest

    To: All:

    I just purchased a Canon PowerShot SD1000. I would like to take a 15
    second exposure. I followed the User's Guide as I understood it and
    set the time delay to 10 seconds and then a long shutter speed of 15
    seconds. I pressed the shutter button and the lens retracted and it
    appeared that the camera shut off. I've had success with other
    functions available with the camera that I have tried but not this
    one. Any suggestions?

    As you might guess I'm trying to see what kind of night sky exposure I
    will get.


    actuary, Jun 11, 2007
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  2. actuary

    bitwisebob Guest

    check the power saving features. I don't have this camera, but other
    Canons have auto power down features, that you can adjust or turn off
    bitwisebob, Jun 12, 2007
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  3. actuary

    actuary Guest


    I think you answered my question. I turned the power-down feature off
    and the camera appeared to function as I wanted it to. Now if the
    night sky is clear tonight, I'll give try to see what I can do.

    actuary, Jun 12, 2007
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