Canon S80, Sony DSC-N1, Canon A620 or Sony Cybershot P200

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by utseay, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. utseay

    utseay Guest

    I recently had a tragic accident with my sony cybershot P200 (dropped
    it) and am now in the market for a new camera. I would like to hear
    your opinions on the above. I'm very interested in the Canon S80 and
    hear great things about it, but I have owned a Canon S400 in the past
    and every single picture I took had red eye - I HATED IT!!!! The sony
    cybershot (due to the location of the flash onthe camera) had zero red
    eye, but it was inconsistant - some pictures were very very clear and
    others had soft edges or under/over exposure occured. Overall I was
    happy with the P200 - and it seems to be my cheapest option - but want
    to see if anyone has any experience with the Canon S80 or Canon A620.

    Below are some links to the reviews I've read:
    Canon S80: (Best Price $449)

    Canon A620: (Best Price $359)

    Sony P200: (Best Price $299)

    Sony DSC-N1: (Best Price $499)

    Let me know which one you guys would purchase?
    utseay, Dec 26, 2005
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  2. utseay

    dmfm Guest

    That GREAT!!!
    Send me news, please:

    dmfm, Dec 26, 2005
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  3. utseay

    utseay Guest

    News on what?
    utseay, Dec 26, 2005
  4. utseay

    spo Guest

    I recently bought a Canon A620. I can't speak for the others, but I
    looked at several cameras before I chose the A620, and discounted them
    for reasons of price, or not having manual modes.
    The A620 has so many features my head hurts. I can't imagine another
    compact camera being much better than this.
    spo, Dec 26, 2005
  5. utseay

    Smudger Guest

    I'm in exactly the same position as you (except I didn't drop a P200!).

    I've narrowed it down to the S80 and the A620. I like the S80 because of
    the extra wide angle of the lens compared to the A620 but I like the A620
    because I can use AA batteries when in the field. I've heard of people
    having problems with the S80 front and battery doors which worries me a
    little. Also, the S80 is about a third more money at the moment.

    My head says to buy the A620 but my heart is going to go for the S80 and it
    may just be the 28mm lens that does it for me.
    Smudger, Dec 26, 2005
  6. utseay

    Bill Funk Guest

    It looks like he's posting email addys in an attempt to get spammers
    to notice them; usually this is done to someone not liked.
    Bill Funk, Dec 26, 2005
  7. utseay

    m Ransley Guest

    The n1 has less to grip if you dropped the p200 it has great features
    although no filter ring adaptor, viewfinder, easy tv hookup without 70$
    adaptor, cheap AA, wide angle, S80 has better manual controls, but
    screen is small.
    m Ransley, Dec 26, 2005
  8. utseay

    Dave Cohen Guest

    I'm always looking for longer lens on A95, so I would prefer A620. You could
    invest in a wide angle supplementary lens for the A620.
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, Dec 26, 2005
  9. utseay

    utseay Guest

    Well, I didn't exactly drop my P200 - it was knocked from my hands.
    After looking at another review website I have found that both the S80
    and A620 have red eye problems. If it comes down to it, I'll buy
    another P200 just to avoid the redeye, but I have not seen any reviews
    on the N1 yet that mention red eye. Since the N1 is also a cyber-shot,
    I'm thinking it probably won't have red eye problems. Below is the
    redeye examples I found for the S80 and A620:



    The S80 isn't as bad, but the reviewers said it is a constant problem.
    The image quality and lack of red eye on the P200 has made me decide to
    try to N1 - I will let you all know how it works out.

    utseay, Dec 27, 2005
  10. utseay

    utseay Guest

    I ended up going with the P200 and got it for $265 off eBay. I
    couldn't pass up the deal. If I had went with the DSC-N1 I would of
    ended up paying $600+. I figured I go with the P200 as a point and
    shoot and save up for a Canon Rebel SLR.

    Also, I saw a few pictures taken with a N1 online, and it contained the
    dreaded red-eye - which I HATE! The p200 produces red-eye free
    pictures 98% of the time - I love it!!!
    utseay, Jan 6, 2006
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