Canon quality control having problems

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Wingman, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Wingman

    Wingman Guest

    What's going on at Canon?

    I've purchased and returned five- yes five! Powershot S50 cameras in the
    last few weeks- from four different vendors and in different serial number
    ranges. Every one had something major wrong with it- all related to
    retracting the lens. Three had a bang/click. In one the motor would whir for
    a second before it started to retract. The fifth had a hitch/hesitation in

    Calls to Canon tech support were uneven- some saying yes, there's a problem
    there. But one clown said-- well, that's not too bad a problem. I replied
    that for a new allegedly precision piece of Japanese photo equipment that I
    just shelled out $500 of my hard earned money, it was terrible.

    They told me to mail the camera to them (at my expense of course) and they
    would fix it. I said you need to make them right before you ship them to
    retailers. The customer should not operate as your quality control
    department- not at those prices!

    Wingman, Nov 12, 2003
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  2. Wingman

    Steve Guest


    Canon's quality control problem is getting more and more coverage on the
    internet in this forum and others. To bad Canon appears to be doing nothing
    about fixing it. Last winter and spring, I submitted several posts to this
    forum and others about my defective Canon Powershot A40 (bad ccd, bad
    viewfinder) and there were quite a few responses from other people with
    defective A40's. Then the A40 was replaced by the A70 with the same
    reported defects but now even more of them. Canon tech support was pretty
    worthess. I had to send my camera into Canon 4 times and they still did not
    fix it. Finally, I had to write the President of Canon USA, Mr. Kinya
    Uchida and this is what happened:

    In my letter to Canon, I wrote:


    When I attempted to shoot some test pictures, I immediately observed that
    the viewfinder was blurry. Cleaning the lens with Kodak lens cleaner and
    cleaning tissue did not help.


    My reply from a representative from Mr. Kinya Uchida:

    Dear Mr. Haymes:

    Your recent letter to Mr. Kinya Uchiuda has been forwarded to my attention.
    Please allow me to respond on his behalf.


    The problem has been isolated to using the camera with the ISO set to 50.
    This causing the programming to select a slow shutter speed and in turn
    creating camera shake. Only by using your settings with a tri-pod could you
    eliminate the shake.


    After over 30 years of experience in photography, I am certainly happy that
    the best that the President and CEO of Canon, U.S.A. could do is have a
    representative tell me that a low ISO setting caused the camera's program to
    select a low shutter speed creating camera shake. Unless there is something
    that I am missing after over 30 years of photography how does a slow shutter
    speed result in a blurry viewfinder? It results in a blurry picture but NOT
    a blurry viewfinder!

    Either Canon U.S.A. is very incompetent or the are very dishonest!

    I am glad that I did not bring my car to Canon with a "loose steering wheel"
    as they might have replaced my windshield wipers instead.

    Right now, I am pursuing legal action against Canon USA. My conclusion is
    that Canon has some serious problems with quality control in both
    manufacturing and repairs. My recommendation is to NOT buy from Canon now!
    Good luck.

    Steve, Nov 12, 2003
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  3. Wingman

    MJ Guest

    I might hold a record here. I currently have 3 Canon products away for
    repair/replacement. A CP-100 printer which died after 6 weeks; a 10D
    having the focus looked at, along with the 550EX flash which is
    failing to illuminate the area correctly (or the 10D is failing to
    synchronise with it); and I've just returned my second i9100 printer
    which is printing a band on gloss paper, just like the first one, and
    nobody has a clue why.

    MJ, Nov 13, 2003
  4. Wingman

    FOR7b Guest

    3 repair attempts here with a scanner of theirs for over 2.5 months before they
    gave up and exchanged it for a new one. Lousy service at their New Jersey

    FOR7b, Nov 13, 2003
  5. Wingman

    Lisa Horton Guest

    You are clearly under a technology curse, and have my sympathy!

    Lisa Horton, Nov 13, 2003
  6. Wingman

    ThomasH Guest

    My impression is that they do not manage the rate of growth well.
    This is a time of a "canomania" on the market. Canon releases
    rapidly new devices by obsoleting freshly purchased technology
    in a very short cycle.

    I prefer the Nikon approach, they seem to walk their pace, recover
    from technological conservatism and provide a well balanced digital
    lineup. Stories like these about Canon's quality problems (which
    come at a surprise to me) make me believe that Nikon might be on
    their way to reassure the No 1 position, which they were holding
    for a such a long time!

    Precisely the quality and reliability was so far the stronghold
    of Canon in the 35mm area, which allowed them to compete so well
    against Nikon.

    ThomasH, Nov 13, 2003
  7. I certainly hope their camera division is not going the way of their
    computer division, which was into the crapper ! I bought a Canon laptop
    when they were actually being produced circa 1995. They were carried here
    in the New York City area by the now defunct "Nobody Beats The Wiz"
    electronics chain. It took three attempts to get one that worked, and when
    it needed repair several months later, the folks at the Canon laptop
    division were absolutely clueless. Believe me, it was a situation beyond
    all hope. (I finally realized the futility of the situation and bought a
    great Sharp laptop.) Several months later, their computer division was
    disbanded, and so ended their stint into laptop computers. I certainly hope
    that their camera division is more established, but some of the incidents
    mentioned here and elsewhere during the past several months do not bode well
    for this fairly new 10D owner and bring back bad memories of those horrible
    days with the Canon laptop. Incidentally, the fact that they have a camera
    repair facility in New Jersey, fairly close to me, was probably the only
    reason I got involved with them again. Let's hope that these quality
    control problems can be overcome.
    gilbert grape, Nov 13, 2003
  8. Wingman

    HRosita Guest


    I am not a Canon owner but was debating whether to purchase a 10D or 300D.
    Are the problem with an entire line or just at the beginning of production?
    the 10D has been in production for a while, are the problems still showing up
    in the newer items?
    HRosita, Nov 13, 2003
  9. Wingman

    Steve Guest

    Steve, Nov 13, 2003
  10. Wingman

    MJ Guest

    Cursed? I'm more than cursed. This is only the photo/printing
    equipment I've listed.

    4 Abit AT7 Max2 motherboards failed - 2 in service, 2 doa, this year.
    A memory stick dead
    AMD cpu dead
    A Radeon graphics card that refuses to work on my Aopen motherboard.
    2 Geforce graphics cards which only work for a day on any of 3 boards.
    DVD player freezing half way or more through nearly every disc I play.
    Replacement for above returned due to jerky playback.
    Laserdisc player dying and I've still got a load of discs.
    Tivo remote returned for replacement under warranty. Lost in post.
    They were good enough to send me another anyway, then 2 weeks later a
    second one arrived - whoopeee!!!
    One of those digital safes - the combination was locked inside it.
    and on.......and on...........

    MJ, Nov 13, 2003
  11. Wingman

    DHB Guest

    no offence intended but as an electronic technician, if all you have
    listed for problems are true, I have a few suggestions:

    <1> Buy a Dell or other PC with the longest in-house warrantee you can
    find so that if it dies at least it won't cost you more money.

    <2> Get yourself a ET's anti-static grounded wrist strap & use it as
    much as you can.

    <3> Get a couple of humidifiers going & do everything else you can to
    reduce static charges around you.

    <4> If all else fails, send out your résumé to Consumer Reports & all
    major companies that do their own "torture / consumer" testing & tell them
    that if it works with you longer than 1 month, it should work for 10+ years
    with a "normal" customer! <G>

    Might just be your way to getting your home loaded lots of new tech.
    toys for you to stress test!

    What's a definition of success? Taking a disadvantage & turning it into
    an advantage!

    Best of luck, sounds lick you can use all you can get.

    Respectfully, DHB
    DHB, Nov 14, 2003
  12. Wingman

    Andrew Mc Guest

    Says a lot about the competition when you buy 5 and you keep going back. Or
    perhaps it says a lot about you. Did you even bother testing them before you
    took them home? Surely the problem would have been apparent at that stage if it
    were to be picked up by Canon QA. Or are you just shilling for the competition?
    Andrew Mc, Nov 14, 2003
    Jackof-the-Dust, Nov 14, 2003
  14. Wingman

    Wingman Guest

    Wingman, Nov 14, 2003
  15. Wingman

    MJ Guest

    I don't think it's a static problem, and I'm fairly careful to earth
    myself before sticking my hands inside or building up a pc. If I don't
    use my earthing strap then I'll at least touch the earthed casing
    beforehand. All my pc and home theatre stuff goes through ups and
    antisurge protectors. Over this past year or two I've become
    accustomed to buying items with a view to having to return them, so
    this is always foremost when choosing a supplier. I always try to
    check goods as far as possible before setting off home with them, or
    if purchased online, I examine the return policy and costs. A couple
    of months ago I went in to my local car dealer to get a set of rear
    brake pads. Before leaving I said I'll just open the box and check
    them. There were only 3 (for the non-mechanically orientated, there
    should be 4 - 2 for each wheel). I wasn't in the least bit surprised,
    unlike the salesman.

    MJ, Nov 14, 2003
  16. Wingman

    TigerMoon Guest

    I have both a Canon S50 and a 10D. Both work flawlessly. Sorry about
    your situation. I'd be pissed off, too, if it were me. Good luck.
    TigerMoon, Nov 14, 2003
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