Canon Powershot S80 lens rattle

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Michael, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest


    I recently got my new Canon Powershot S80 and I really love the camera. This
    is my first digital camera(!), I have only used conventional ones before -
    when I was an avid amateur and later on when I just wanted to remember
    places and events.

    I have noted, though, a slight rattle in the lens mechanism. It only occurs
    when I turn the camera on while the lens is extending, and at the beginning
    and end of zooming from wide angle to full telephoto. It's not there when
    shutting down or when zooming out (all sounds are turned off). Shaking the
    camera does not produce any sound of this type.

    It's not very loud and you wouldn't notice it in a noisy environment (like a
    crowded photo shop) and it may be absolutely nothing. But it makes me think,
    as I have learned from my "old analogue days" with coarser metal housings to
    associate the type of sound with fine mechanics that needs lubricating (in
    those cases it's usually louder and present no matter which way you turn
    things, though). The camera works fine, but I'm a little worried of what
    might come after a while, and with a brand new camera I want to have it
    fixed as soon as possible if there is a problem.

    Of course, I bought the camera by mail order, so I can't show it easily to
    the sales company... Around where I live it also seems that no local dealer
    has this model at home to compare with either. Other digital cameras of
    various types I have tried to compare with seem to have an altogether
    different mechanical sound, difficult to compare with. And Canon customer
    support say they can't determine anything over phone (or mail...) but that
    it's probably nothing (I guess I would say the same thing in their

    Therefore I would kindly like to ask other S80 owners this: Does anyone else
    recognize this rattle? Does the lens mechanics sound exactly the same when
    turning on and shutting off the camera on your cameras or not? Do you
    believe this is normal, or should I try and send the camera back for

    Except for this little worry I'm really satisfied with the camera, but after
    all I payed for it I want to make sure it's in mint condition.


    /Michael, Sweden
    Michael, Mar 30, 2006
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  2. Michael

    ASAAR Guest

    I haven't used any of the S-series Powershots since the S20 (quite
    a different camera) so I'm not really able to know if your S80 has a
    mechanical problem, but I can offer this. When I got a Fuji S5100
    it also had a slight lens rattle. The design was such that the 10x
    zoom extends significantly (not true for the replacement S5200) and
    the lens can also wobble a bit while powered on. But I soon found
    out that this was normal operation, either from the manual or more
    likely from a FAQ on Fuji's website. I've had the camera for about
    14 months and it has functioned perfectly. Call Canon's customer
    service again and perhaps phrase your question a bit differently.
    You'll probably speak with someone else who may give you a more
    useful answer. You may want to ask to speak with someone that has
    actually used an S80. It's not unusual for support representatives
    to have never touched most of their company's products. Someone
    that has never used an S80 probably wouldn't be able to diagnose the
    problem even if the camera was in their hands. But an experienced
    S80 user may well be able to answer you question without hearing
    anything, whether they're holding the camera, or if it's over the
    phone. If you're able to get some confirmation that the camera
    shouldn't rattle, ask for them to send you this information in an
    email, which you can then pass on to the mail-order company.

    While it wouldn't prove much, if any of your local dealers has the
    similar S70, it might be worth the effort comparing its operating
    sounds to that of your S80.
    ASAAR, Mar 31, 2006
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