Canon Powershot G3 Hot Shoe Level Turns off Built-in Flash

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jacob, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    My Canon Powershot G3 is very unforgiving when the camera is slightly
    unleveled during shooting. I bought a level that goes into hot shoe.
    But I found out that when I insert this level into the hot shoe, the
    built-in flash stops working. I do not believe that the level is
    shorting something as its body is made of plastic. Do you know of any
    way to use this level and being able to use the built-in flash at the
    same time?
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Jacob, Jun 16, 2004
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  2. There is a little mechanical switch in the hot shoe that detects when a
    flash is inserted. Your flash-shoe-shaped level is depressing it and
    turning off the internal flash because the camera thinks an external one
    is mounted.

    If the switch is near the front of the camera, you could just insert the
    level part-way into the shoe: far enough to measure level, but not far
    enough to trigger the switch. Or for a more elegant solution, file a
    notch into the level in just the right place to clear the switch.

    Dave Martindale, Jun 17, 2004
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  3. Do you mean the G3 has a gravity sensor built in? How does that work?
    What kind of effect does that produce and how can you tell its
    Wolfgang Benninghoven, Jun 17, 2004
  4. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    When the camera is slightly tilted, geometrical distortions are much
    worse than with a film camera.
    I looked at the switch in the hot shoe. Unfortunately, there is a
    flat spring directly under the hot shoe's rail. So as soon as you
    start moving the level into the hot shoe, the flash shuts of
    immediately. And because the spring is under the whole rail, there is
    no way to carve something from the level body to bypass the switch.
    Any different ideas? Any way to force internal flash regardless of
    external flash being attached?
    Jacob, Jun 18, 2004
  5. Jacob

    Big Bill Guest

    With lenses of equivelant focal length?
    I don't understand.
    Can you expound a little?

    Bill Funk
    Change "g" to "a"
    Big Bill, Jun 18, 2004
  6. Are you comparing full wide angle or full telephoto on the G3 zoom
    to a fixed focal length lens on an SLR? Zooms usually have some amount
    of distortion at both ends of their zoom range.

    Software like Panorama Tools can correct geometric distortion.

    Dave Martindale, Jun 18, 2004
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