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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Keith Sheppard, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. First of all a warning to other Canon ink jet users. If you let your
    printer lie idle for a few weeks, the ink can dry in the heads and block
    them. I would advise always print something in colour every week. I _knew_
    that, but still I managed to fall foul of it.

    Non Canon users may not be aware that the print head is a
    consumer-replacable component on Canon printers, but they are expensive.

    I recently read on the web that some folks have managed to fix similar
    problems using compressed air sprays (eg. Dust Buster). With nothing to
    lose, I gave it a go (do it in the garden!) with some apparent degree of
    success. After carefully cleaning away all the grot, I reassembled but now
    the printer gives seven orange flashes which, according to the manual, means
    printer head duff.

    OK, I guess I probably broke it somehow. As I said, I had nothing to lose
    because the alternative was to buy a new head anyway. I have some questions

    1) Anyone know exactly what it is that causes Canon printers to report print
    head duff? I tried cleaning the electrical contacts carefully, to no avail.
    Any other suggestions?

    2) Assuming I have to buy a new print head, anyone know of any cheap
    suppliers? I am UK based but not averse to ordering from overseas if the
    price difference is enough to overcome currency conversion costs.

    3) Finally, I am assuming that if I do fork out the 80-odd UK pounds for a
    new print head that will actually fix the problem. If anyone has any
    experiences, good or bad, of replacing Canon print heads I should be
    interested to hear them.

    Keith Sheppard, Mar 16, 2005
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  2. Keith Sheppard

    Bill Guest

    This is becoming a typical trend for the i-series printers.

    I had a Canon i850 and it didn't clog, it simply failed after a year of
    typical use (about 5,000 pages). First it printed poorly as though it
    was clogged, then after a couple of days it stopped spraying black ink
    completely, and the colours were "clogging".

    Then the printer starting flashing amber indicating a printhead failure.
    No kidding...the i850 replacement was $60+shipping+taxes = $81 CDN. A
    new printer was only $8 more.

    I pulled it apart for the heck of it to see what was inside, and then
    after finding out how much ink it wastes during cleaning cycles, I
    dumped the ink-sucking monster in the trash and went back to HP.

    I've compared ink usage, and my HP 6540 is costing me about the same as
    Canon for original ink with four colours. It's actually a little cheaper
    page for page. And of course I never have to worry about printheads - I
    get a new one with every 96/97 ink cartridge.

    And this HP Deskjet 6540 is built like a tank - metal chassis, metal
    cover, smart design keeps the paper flat (no curling), etc. It's a much
    better designed printer than the Canons.
    I don't think you hurt just failed. Contrary to what Canon
    originally claimed, the printheads are NOT designed to last the life of
    the printer.
    The part is only available from Canon, at least here. It can't be
    ordered through any reseller, so we're forced to pay Canon's high prices
    for replacement.
    A friend had a similar failure of an i560 printer. They got a
    replacement from Canon and it worked fine. But for the money, I'd rather
    buy a new printer - full warranty and all new parts, plus you get new
    Bill, Mar 16, 2005
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  3. Bill

    Thanks for your responses. Not a Canon fan, then ;) I shall have a quick
    scan of what's available in the replacement printer market.

    It's a shame though. I really liked the Canon when it worked, and it seems
    such a waste to dump it for lack one tiny component. The environmentalist
    in me rebels at the idea, but it may come to that.

    Keith Sheppard, Mar 17, 2005
  4. Keith Sheppard

    Larry Guest

    I didnt get the original post, so I dont have any details, but I can convey

    I had a year old Canon i950 quit on me (permanent head clog on the Magenta
    jet) and I called Canon service.

    The tech on the phone walked me through several steps of diagnostics, then
    asked for the serial number of the printer.

    He then took my name and address and sent me a new print head. (no return
    required for the old one).
    Larry, Mar 17, 2005
  5. Keith Sheppard

    jean Guest

    Same thing happened to my i950. I took it all apart unplugged every
    connector and reassembled it. Did not fix the head clogs but got rid of the
    flashing amber. Now I use it to print stuff on regular paper that needs to
    be in color and I bought an Epson R200 ($99) for the odd photo print or a
    test proof. When I want to have many prints done, I get it done at the
    photo lab, it come out cheaper than having a good expensive printer with
    inks, papers and the inevitable failures. I have had a BJC8200 ($300) fail
    and the i950 ($400) fail, how many prints could have printed at the lab for

    jean, Mar 17, 2005
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