Canon G3 419. at Circuit City

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Timeflies345, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Timeflies345

    Timeflies345 Guest

    Old news maybe, but, it's a good deal.

    New, not "open box" or "refurb"

    In stores only
    Timeflies345, Sep 1, 2003
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  2. When's the last time you checked on this?
    Robert A. Barr, Sep 1, 2003
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  3. Timeflies345

    Timeflies345 Guest

    << Subject: Re: Canon G3 419. at Circuit City
    From: "Robert A. Barr" [email protected]
    Date: Mon, Sep 1, 2003 2:03 PM
    Message-id: <>
    When's the last time you checked on this?


    if you're in NY, Rego Park Store, now thank me:(
    Timeflies345, Sep 1, 2003
  4. This offer's been deader than Jimmy Hoffa since then. Thanks, tho.
    I've really exhausted all patience in trying to chase down a CC that
    honors their own pricematch. Off to NY fly-by-nights for me!
    Robert A. Barr, Sep 2, 2003
  5. Timeflies345

    JD Guest

    Old news maybe, but, it's a good deal.
    Does anyone have a capture of their website or any print matter that
    lists the $419 price that CC offered? It is getting hard to track
    down proof that they indeed offered it at this price over the
    weekend. Some stores say yes when called, but it was not listed in
    the sales flyer. I need something I can print out for a price match
    JD, Sep 2, 2003

    Somewhere in that thread is a link for a couple of scanned receipts. I
    even tried these, and my local CC refused them. I'm done playing Mother
    May I; our local CC is managed by Electronics Nazis, and they feel
    inexplicably possessive about the merchandise. It's like I want them to
    steal from their grandmother, or something.

    They had one enthusiastic salesclerk who really knew his stuff, and if I
    were managing a store like CC, I'd hire him away from there. Poor sap
    hits a wall every time something has to be cleared with management.
    Robert A. Barr, Sep 2, 2003
  7. Timeflies345

    JD Guest

    the sales flyer. I need something I can print out for a price match
    Yes, thanks! They are located here:
    That one shows the price of the camera being bought.

    Then this one:
    Shows the store meeting it's own price match.

    These should help me in small claims court if I still can't get the store I bought it
    at to price match.
    The second receipt shows them doing a price match, so I would show that one and
    threaten to take them to small claims court if they refuse.

    For them to fly someone out from corporate to your small claims court will cost them a
    lot more than the amount they are refusing to credit you. Speak to someone from
    corporate, not just the store manager with this evidence and that you will take it to
    court and you should get your credit.
    JD, Sep 2, 2003
  8. Timeflies345

    JD Guest

    I've already communicated with CC's HQ, and they give me a pretty generic 'sorry, but...'.
    I will be dealing with another store, but using CC and these receipts as my case for them
    having to give me a price match guarantee. One guy is still going to get back to me, so we
    will see if they are smart and give me my credit, so I don't have to go to small claims
    court. But once they realize sending a lawyer to my small local court on behalf of my local
    store flown in from out of state with the fees the lawyers charge, it would be easier to just
    credit me the $180 I have coming to me.
    Turns out they may have more of a consistent policy than we even know about. The fact that
    every store selling cameras dropped the price the exact same amount at the same time a few
    weeks ago, and now this store seeming so sure that CC didn't have this sale, as if all stores
    have to report what sales they are having to each other in advance, makes me wonder what the
    hell is going on here.

    From what I am finding out, it seems that before a major price drop or sale is to occur at any
    store chain, they are to work with their competitors to make sure no one has any models in any
    of the stores (all out of stock) for at least 30 days before lowering the price and then
    shipping what they have left in the warehouses to the stores to clear them out. Since all
    the stores benefit from this by not having to honor any price matches, they all work together
    on this. Apparently CC forgot to clear their sale with the other stores and now the shit is
    hitting the fan.
    Depends on how willing you are to keep with it and fight for your rights. I had a problem
    with a company once that insisted there was nothing they were going to do to help me. I
    called their corporate office once a week from work just for fun to keep at them. Eventually
    it drove them nuts and they gave me what I wanted. I would have called once a week for
    years if I had to as one call every week for a minute or two is not much of my time, and was
    worth it.

    Also, keep notes and document everyone you talk to, the date, time, etc., and everything

    Then you can come back with this person said this, that person said that, and then they have
    to check and get back to you only to find out you were right and after so many weeks they just
    figure best to give in over a hundred or two dollars.
    JD, Sep 3, 2003
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