CANON G2 for $384 deal

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Darius Alexander, Sep 25, 2003.

  1. I just got my Digital Rebel 300D. Now I want to purchase a second
    camera. I have decided on the Canon G2. I will buy this for $384 in
    LIMITED EDITION BLACK from Http:// which is a
    highly rated merchant. They also offer the following deals:

    Canon G4: $464
    Canon S45: $342
    Olympus C-4000: $335
    Olympus C-740: $355
    Pentax Optio 33L: $199
    Pentax Optio 430RS: $297

    Http:// is another highly rated site with great prices.

    Just a heads up.
    Darius Alexander, Sep 25, 2003
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  2. Darius Alexander

    CNT Guest

    Maybe that's a good price. I am looking for S45 and it's all still high.
    Only Fhoto (or something like that) has it for $307... I will have to wait a
    see a little longer.

    CNT, Sep 25, 2003
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  3. Darius Alexander

    Stromer2 Guest

    There is no Canon G4 - did you mean G3.
    I have seen recently the G3 for $425 - close out at Circuit City.
    Stromer2, Sep 25, 2003
  4. Darius Alexander

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Highly rated by whom? Beach camera is a well known Brooklyn rip-off shop,
    with a reputation for screwing customers right and left. I don't know
    anything about buydig, but if it's anything like beach you'd better buy a
    big tube of KY jelly.

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
    The Improved Links Pages are at
    New email - Contact on the Menyou page.
    Tony Spadaro, Sep 25, 2003
  5. Darius Alexander

    Mark B. Guest

    First you're pushing Inifinity Cameras which has a VERY questionable rating,
    now you're quoting prices for a reseller I've never really heard anyone
    recommend - which BTW is quoting goods that don't exist (Canon G4??).
    Something sure is fishy.

    Mark B., Sep 25, 2003
  6. Darius Alexander

    Mick Ruthven Guest

    I recently bought a G3 from Beach Camera and the transaction and camera were
    perfect. And they didn't pressure me at all to buy their overpriced
    accessories. I just checked and Beach Camera has a
    six-month rating of 124 ratings averaging 9.24. It does look like they've
    improved a lot since their lifetime rating is 7.76.
    Mick Ruthven, Sep 25, 2003
  7. Darius Alexander

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Tony Spadaro, Sep 25, 2003
  8. Darius Alexander

    Ender W. Guest

    It is highly rated on ResellersRatiings web site, and it is located in
    NJ. I ordered a G3 from them 6 weks ago, and it in two days in perfect
    condition. I I buy anything on the web for my camera, I always look at
    Beach first. They are legit.

    Ender W., Sep 25, 2003
  9. Darius Alexander

    Tony Spadaro Guest

    Perhaps they have reformed. Perhaps they just spend a certain amount of
    time parising themselves to these ratings websites. You may buy where you
    wish, but I wouldn't trust them with my credit card numbers.

    home of The Camera-ist's Manifesto
    The Improved Links Pages are at
    New email - Contact on the Menyou page.
    Tony Spadaro, Sep 25, 2003
  10. Sorry, G4 was a typo. I meant G3. And I was never pushing Infinity. I
    bought from them on a whim and I had good results. Was it wrong to
    post my experience? as far as Beach and Buydig, I have had friends
    with good results from them. I am not loyal to any of these sites...I
    just love a good deal.
    Darius Alexander, Sep 26, 2003
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