Canon Digital Elph S-100 - Better Batteries

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bob Alston, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Bob Alston

    Bob Alston Guest

    If you have one of the Canon Digital Elphs - mine is the original s100
    - you probably already know about poor battery life. I recently
    figured out/found out two things that may be of interest:

    1) Don't leave the battery in the camera if not in use for some
    time!!! The battery will continue to drain. If the voltage gets too
    low, the battery will be damaged - permanently. I have my second
    batter that will take 7 flash pictures - tops - after a recent

    2) Canon offered a new battery with the S-110. The original battery
    NB-1L (680 mAh) was changed to a NB-1LH (850 mAh) that has 25% more
    capacity. I recently bought two batteries from a third party that are
    NB-1lH compatible but rated for 950 mAh for $9.00 each, plus about $6
    shipping. I used one today and got about 50 flash pictures with the
    new battery, with the LCD display on. The supplier of my new
    batteries is:

    Bob Alston, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Bob Alston

    VT Guest

    Thanks for this information - those third party batteries do sound
    very attractive.

    However I recently found this warning on Canon's PowerShot web site:

    Attention: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
    Users of Canon camcorder products have reported to Canon incidents
    of leakage and/or explosions of rechargeable batteries. These
    incidents appear to have been caused by NON-CANON LITHIUM-ION BATTERY
    PACKS marketed by non-Canon companies for use with Canon camcorders
    and digital cameras. Use of these battery packs may therefore result
    in damage to your Canon product and, potentially, damage to you
    (including fatal bodily injury) or to your other property.

    A LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACK, as opposed to a nickel-cadmium battery
    pack and other types of battery packs available to users, requires the
    incorporation of certain protective devices in order to prevent
    malfunction and, consequently, damage to you, your Canon product and
    your other property. Certain NON-CANON LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACKS may
    not be equipped with such protective devices.

    I do not know what "protective devices" they are refering to, or
    whether this is just "scare-mongering" - but it's worth being aware of
    VT, Sep 5, 2003
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  3. The three batteries I have been using for a good three years in my IXUS
    Digital (S-100) are just about to reach the end of their useful life, and so
    I decided to give one of the maarkedly less expensive non-Canon offers a try
    and bought the one from the well-known German supplier HAMA.

    Their type designation number is 47208 and they describe it as "Li-Ion
    Battery Pack 3,7 V/700 mAh". Note the rated capacity is slightly larger than
    the one for Canon's own.

    Now here comes the big surprise, and a stern warning: Whoever buys this
    battery should spit into his hands and be prepared for some hard work! The
    HAMA battery can be inserted into the camera's compartment just as smoothly
    as the original, but when you actuate the little brown release catch the
    d**n thing S-T-I-C-K-S !! It simply refuses to move, and the only way to get
    it out from the camera is by carefully prying it out, little by little, with
    a small, sharp knife blade.

    If I had, by chance, given the camera to my poor wife to use (which I do
    very often, by the way!) and she would have taken enough shots during an
    outing to run the battery flat she would have been literally lost as she
    would have been unable to switch to the fully laden spare unit we alway
    carry along when going out to shoot.

    I had to spend the best part of an hour, first removing the self-adhesive
    label from the battery case and then working with several grades of sanding
    paper to reduce the physical dimensions of the thing, both in width and in
    thickness, until I finally got it to move OUT as smoothly as the original

    I have not had the time yet to check whether the rated capacity is really
    what it says, but what do these people really think when they release this
    sort of product onto the market? Have we really reached the stage,
    world-wide as it seems to be, where anyone can shamelessly sell to the
    public whatever sort of cheap c**p he decides to get rid off at as high as
    possible a price????

    Johannes Czernin, Sep 5, 2003
  4. I have the same camera, same battery and did not have this experience. This
    battery lasts at least 2X the Canon OEM battery.

    Tom - Chicago
    Tom - Chicago, Sep 6, 2003
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