Canon 24-70 L issues

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jj, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. jj

    jj Guest

    Can someone (anyone!) with first-hand experience with the Canon
    24-70L f2.8 USM please comment on the issues I keep hearing about? I
    know they're sharp, and that the 28-70L is old, etc, but there seems
    to be issues with these newer lenses.

    I rented a 24-70L from a very reputable shop after my 28-70L was
    stolen. Now, especially after reading various comments online, I can't
    decide if I really want to buy one or look for a good used 28-70L.

    First of all, when I cranked the lens all the way open to 24mm, it
    "locked up" there. Like there's a light notch in the barrel that
    intentionally holds it at 24mm. Where my 28-70 was free-flowing and
    smooth from start to finish, the 24-70 required an annoying "unclick"
    effort to get it back out of the "notch" position.

    In what may be related, I've read several reports about the zoomring.
    A poster wrote on another forum: "Defective or not: it's important.
    The zoomring issue returns in several forum topics. I had the same
    feeling, and mine is in now because something probably broke off after
    extensive use. It's in for repair now."

    Anyone else experiencing this stuff? Did Canon design it that way or
    did I get a bad lens?

    Next off, while it worked fine with available light, on at least 31
    frames with this lens and my 580 EX the flash it did not register. I
    know the flash was going off, and I tried various tests to make sure
    the flash wasn't malfunctioning. I had to open up the lens to f3.5 at
    1/80th and 1600 ISO before the light would register, and I wasn't more
    than eight feet from the subjects. Even then the images were often too
    dark. Conversely, when I took the 24-70 off the camera (5D) and used
    my 70-200 2.8L I got perfect response every time. I finally stopped
    using the 24-70, since there was no way to rely on it. Anyone else
    have this problem?

    There's talk online about Canon making some "bad copies" of this lens.
    Problem? No one knows when/if they were made, what U-numbers they are,
    nada until you get one, apparently. Paying well over $1000 for a "bad
    copy" of anything is not gonna make me happy. Has anyone worked with a
    24-70L they consider a "bad copy," and if so, what's the date code on

    All I want is a lens I can count on. Thanks.

    jj, Jul 18, 2010
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