Cannot Disable SSID on BEFW11S4 Ver 4 with WPA Pre-Share KEY

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Bryan, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    Problem: When I disable Broadcast SSID my laptop cannot find the
    network. As long as

    broadcast SSID is enabled it works OK.

    Router COnfig: Linksys BEFW11S4 Version 4 Firmware 1.52.02 (most
    Wireless: Enabled

    SSID: I created a unique ID
    Wireless Channel: 11
    Wireless SSID Broadcast: Disabled

    Wireless Security: Enabled
    Security Mode: WPA Pre-Shared Key
    Group Key Renewal: 3600

    Wireless Network Access: Allow all (I plan to enable MAC filtering once
    I get this to work)

    Basic rate: 1-2-4-11 Mbps
    Control TX Rate: 1-2-4-11 Mbps
    Preamble Type: Long preamble
    Authentication: Auto )Default)
    Antenna Selection: Diversity (Default)
    Beacon INterval: 50
    DTIM INterval: 1
    Fragmentation Interval: 2346
    RTS THreshold: 2432

    Windows XP SP2

    Linksys WPC11 Version 4 NIC
    Driver Version : 5.158.1001.2003
    Bryan, Jul 3, 2005
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  2. Bryan

    Clark Guest

    That is one of the reasons you set up profiles and enter the SSID there.
    Then the laptop will know the SSID even if it isn't being broadcast.

    Clark, Jul 3, 2005
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  3. Bryan

    Mercury Guest

    For every extra character you type into your PSK (beyond 7 characters as a
    guide) you increase the passphrase complexity by far more than the benefits
    of MAC filtering or SSID hiding will ever give.

    Get a longer more complex passphrase.
    Mercury, Jul 3, 2005
  4. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    I have a profile set up with the ssid, and preshared key (28 characters)
    Bryan, Jul 3, 2005
  5. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    I have a 28 character passphrase
    Bryan, Jul 3, 2005
  6. Why should you want to disable broadcasts?

    As You have already found out disabling SSID beaconing is a digression
    from the standard with all kinds of side effects.

    It is by no means a security feature as the SSID is included in every
    frame transmitted between AP and client.

    You should opt instead for securing your network via WPA (preferably
    version 2)...

    Btw, you might get your network connection up by editing your network
    properties by hand...
    Martin Bodenstedt, Jul 3, 2005
  7. Bryan

    Dave Guest

    not being able to disable ssid broadcast is a good thing. it stops you from
    coming back here and asking why you keep dropping your connection. at least
    with winxp if you disable ssid broadcast the wzc setup will drop your access
    point if it hears another one broadcasting. and it doesn't give you any
    better security.
    Dave, Jul 3, 2005
  8. Bryan

    Jack Guest

    Jack, Jul 3, 2005
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