Cannot access Sup2 via telnet, but can MSFC2

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by ESM, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. ESM

    ESM Guest

    I run a switch command to change the active supervisor on my 6513. After
    doing this, there was 2 minute network connectivity loss. After coming back
    up, I could telnet to the MSFC2, but no longer to the Sup2. The switch is
    functioning properly, but I'm confused as to what happened and why I can no
    longer get into the Sup2 via telnet.

    Is there a way to get into the Sup2 from the MSFC2, or must I console in?
    ESM, Oct 1, 2005
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  2. ESM

    ESM Guest

    Figured out how to session into the sup2 from the MSFC2. Here's what I
    believe happened:

    I upgraded the IOS in the MSFC2 on the primary Sup2. Both Sup2 and MSFC2
    are set to high availability.

    I upgraded the CatOS in primary Sup2 and it sync'd to secondary Sup2. I
    reset the seconday Sup2 and everything looked to come up OK. I then did a
    switch supervisor to switch from primary Sup2 to secondary Sup2. This
    caused network drop out. Eventually I was able to get back in.

    show modules indicated that secondary Sup2 was active, but the MSFC2 on the
    primary Sup2 was active. The secondary MSFC2 doesn't show up. My thought
    now is that it is stuck in ROMMON mode. At this point, I haven't copied the
    IOS to the bootflash on the secondary MSFC2, and boot system statement was
    set to only look for the newer IOS.

    In any event, I at this point I still cannot telnet to the IP of the Sup2.
    The Sup configs show sc0 with an IPand sc1 as down. As I'm running on the
    secondary Sup2 now, I guess that makes sense, but with high availability,
    isn't the switch of sup2's supposed to also switch which acts as sc0 in the
    config, and thus the IP address? Or, do I need the IP address for sc1 set
    the same as sc0 in the config?

    So, another switch supervisor ran, and back to the primary Sup2 as active.
    Still cannot ping the IP of the sup2. I'm back to using primary sup2 and
    primary msfc2 as active and can only ping the MSFC2. Why is this?
    ESM, Oct 1, 2005
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