Can only boot to IDE drive after sucessful XP install on SATA drive.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Arawak, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Arawak

    Arawak Guest

    I have Win XP PRO MCE on an IDE drive whichshows up as Drive letter G.
    Since that drive letter has caused problems for some programs I
    decided to do a clean install on a new SATA drive and then
    transferring my stored media from the old drive. XP booted without a
    hitch and the new drive showed up as drive C:.
    After re-connecting the old drive as IDE master with an optical drive
    as slave and changing my BIOS to boot from SCSI device, the system
    booted straight into the old installation as Drive G and relegated the
    SATA drive to Drive D:
    The BIOS does not have an optoin to boot from SATA even though it did
    so when that was the only drive attached and I had installed the SATA
    driver during the XP installation. I have tried switching the BIOS to
    boot from HD0/HD1 and to no avail, I am still only booting into drive
    G; (older install).
    Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.
    Arawak, Dec 9, 2005
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