Can netwrok run static route and dynamic route the same time?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Bruce Cao, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Bruce Cao

    Bruce Cao Guest

    RouterD1 (eigrp)
    Internet--------RourterA ---RouterB---------RouterC--------- RouterD2
    (eigrp) (static) (static )
    +-----RouterD3 (eigrp)

    In this scenario, we had already setup all the routers to run Eigrp.
    but now, betweenB and C, we have to use the static route, so here's the
    question, is that possbile to set the static route in the RouterB and
    RouterC and let rest routers still are still running Eigrp? especillay
    in RouterD1/D2/D3?

    if we can still keep the Eigrp running, then what should we do in the
    routerB/C, or should we need to change the route in the RouterD1/D2/D3?

    any help wil appriciate.

    Scott Tetter
    Bruce Cao, Dec 1, 2005
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  2. Yes. You can run as many routing mechanisms as you wish. Each routing
    mechanism is assigned an administrative distance, so that if multiple
    mechanisms have routes to the same destination it will know which one is
    If you put "redistribute static" in B and C's EIGRP configuration, the
    static routes will be advertised to all the EIGRP neighbors.
    Barry Margolin, Dec 3, 2005
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  3. Bruce Cao

    Bruce Cao Guest


    but I wonder if 'redistribute is used, then could RouterD1/D2/D3 use
    the same AS as router A?

    A consultant told me the Eigrp will termiate in the Router B and Router
    C since 2 routers run the static routing, so router A and router Ds
    will run within different AS, or even they are with same AS, but these
    routers cannot learn the routing table from each others. is that right?

    thanks for your help.

    Bruce Cao, Dec 5, 2005
  4. It doesn't really matter. AS numbers in EIGRP are only relevant when
    there's some overlap between the routers in the two ASes, so that those
    routers can configure the appropriate settings for each group. Since
    the two ASes are disjoint, the AS numbers can be arbitrary, and it
    doesn't matter if they're the same or not.
    Barry Margolin, Dec 6, 2005
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