Can I use PPTP-based VPN with Cisco PIX and RSA Securid?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Trond Hindenes, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Hello!
    My company is using Cisco PIX and Windows built-in (win xp) VPN
    client, which uses the PPTP protocol for VPN.

    We are planning to implement Token-based security for our VPN

    However, on the RSA Solutions Web Page, I have only found
    implementation guides for using the Cisco VPN CLient, which is
    IPsec-based (not PPTP). Also, I have found a implementation Guide for
    Microsoft ISA Server that tells me to install an RSA EAP client on the
    VPN Client to enable it to use RSA Tokens.

    However, I cannot get this to work, have anybody done this before? Im
    am particularly interested in whether you address the RSA Server
    directly from the VPDN command on the PIX, or whether you do it using

    If anybody has done any PPTP-PIX-RSA Securid-VPN work lately, I would
    love any pointers...

    Best regards,
    Trond Hindenes
    Trond Hindenes, Jul 9, 2003
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  2. Um, I think you may have forgotten the link...

    We already use RSA :)

    best regards,
    Trond Hindenes, Jul 10, 2003
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