Can I Use a 4GB CompactFlash Card in an Old CoolPix 995?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Scott in SoCal, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Through an unfortunate series of mistakes, I ended up with a 4GB
    CompactFlash card. The only device I own which uses CF cards is a
    Nikon CoolPix 995 camera, but when I insert the 4GB card and attempt
    to format it, the camera gives an "Out of Memory" error message.

    Is there any way I can use this CF card in this camera? I don't care
    if I can't use the full capacity; even being limited to using only 1
    or 2 GB would be better than not being able to use the card at all. Is
    there any sort of clever formatting trick I can play to allow my
    CoolPix to use the card?
    Scott in SoCal, Jan 11, 2008
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  2. Scott in SoCal

    Guest Guest

    i'm pretty sure the 995 only does fat16 which won't support a 4 gig
    card. you might try partitioning it into two 2 gig partitions, and
    maybe the camera will work with the first partition while ignoring the
    second partition.
    Guest, Jan 11, 2008
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  3. Scott in SoCal

    me Guest

    My Sandisk Extreme II 4GB cards have a switch to use separate 2GB sections.
    Using these settings a quick check shows them to work in my old 990.
    me, Jan 11, 2008
  4. I have a 1gig card. Want to trade?

    Chris Pisarra, Jan 11, 2008
  5. Scott in SoCal

    ray Guest

    You should be able to format it as fat16 (2gb, most likely) on your
    computer - it should then work.
    ray, Jan 11, 2008
  6. Alas, this is an Extreme III with no switches.

    I'll try formatting the card into 2 FAT16 partitions and see what
    Scott in SoCal, Jan 12, 2008
  7. Scott in SoCal

    me Guest

    FWIW, I mis-typed, mine are Extreme III's, but with a switch.
    me, Jan 12, 2008
  8. Scott in SoCal


    Nov 16, 2009
    Likes Received:

    I just got a coolpix 995 and I have the same problem, so I call Nikon USA and they said that the 995 can only use a 1 or 2 GB campact flash card. and if you use a 2 GB card you will have to go to and update your firmware to use it. I hope this will help you.

    Q714_S, Nov 16, 2009
  9. Scott in SoCal


    Jan 19, 2010
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    Couldn't get a 2 gig card to work

    I tried to find a CF card for my CoolPix 995 on a recent trip and had problems.

    I went to a Radio Shack and their 4 Gig card was not recognized by the camera. From this thread I now realize that this was because of the FAT32 problem.

    I went to another store and they assured me that a 2 Gig card would work. We opened the package and put it into the camera. It *was* recognized by the camera. Hooray! I took a picture with the camera; it worked. Hooray! I tried to look at the photo I just took... it said there were no photos on that card. Booooo!

    I have a 512 Meg card that works fine. Other people say a 1 Gig IBM microdrive works fine (even though it is not officially supported by Nikon). But 1 Gig CF cards are no longer manufactured!

    Why was I unable to get the 2 Gig card to work, especially since other people in this thread had no problem?

    YES, I had already upgraded the firmware to the most recent version (1.7).

    Here's my guess... I came up with this idea after I had gone on to another city, so I couldn't try it out. I had my resolution set to NORMAL. When I put in the 2 Gig card, the LCD said that I had 999 photos available on that card. Obviously that means there are more than 999, and the LCD (or firmware) only allows "space" for 999. If I had set the resolution to a higher value, might the LCD have told me I had space for, say, 650 photos, and thus been able to access all of them?

    If you had a 2 Gig card and it worked in your 995, please tell me if you had done anything like this to make it work. Thanks! Otherwise I'll have to assume that there was something about that card that wouldn't have worked anyway (transfer format incompatible, speed too fast, or something I don't understand...).
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2010
    JimWww, Jan 19, 2010
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