Can I pass the 70-536 exam??

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Scamps, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Scamps

    Scamps Guest

    I need help here. I am a self taught developer, having run a small business
    where I created customer management systems. I decided that I should get
    properly accredited before proceding further with our system development. The
    starting point for me is this framework accreditation.

    I have spent considerable time working through the Microsoft Self Training
    kit and despite understanding the concepts and feeling confident that I now
    have the background to move on, It seems that I have no chance of attaining
    the 80 to 85% pass rate required in the practice tests. I usually get between
    70% to 80% (Fail!).

    The content of 70-536 is so broad, yet seemingly so deep in the tests that I
    know I wont get the grade. Confidence is gone and I'm about to forget the
    whole thing.

    Can someone please help me. Is the pass rate really required 80+%, is there
    anyway I can step up to it. there are no courses available apart fom that god
    awful book which gets no where near the depth of the test questions as far as
    I am concerned. I dont even see how it could be achieved in a class room
    envionement either.

    I hate those multi choice (tick all that apply) questions. 1 possibile
    choice missed and the answer is marked as completely wrong. Crazy!

    Surely Microsoft want people to progress through training without trashing
    people on the fist hurdle?
    Scamps, Sep 14, 2006
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  2. Scamps

    RYoung Guest

    I haven't taken the test, but I wouldn't feel comfortable using that one
    book alone. A google search for "70-536 blog" turned up this link:,guid,8b135019-b84f-4cf4-89ff-8bc27da5497c.aspx

    I'd run through that. It appears to have reference links to each item
    covered on the exam. Probably, as mundane as some of it might be, the best
    thing to do is examine any sample code and become comfortable with using it
    in the appropriate situations. For instance, think of ways you can use
    Iterators in your code.

    In regards to the 70%-80% score your experiencing, theres obviously an area
    you are weak one. Don't take that as criticism, but it at least provides
    direction in how to achieve a higher score, and in turn greater confidence
    in your skillset.

    RYoung, Sep 14, 2006
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  3. Scamps

    Scamps Guest

    Thanks for the reply Ron. I take your point about finding other references.
    Trouble is I think I need a more structured approach and I'm learning that
    Microsoft's delivery practically doesnt exist.
    Scamps, Sep 14, 2006
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