Can anyone recommend a Video Capture Card?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by MauiJNP, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. MauiJNP

    MauiJNP Guest

    I am looking to buy a video capture card to hook up my VCR to my computer.
    I want to put some of my movies and tapes onto the computer and maybe later
    to DVD when I get a DVD burner in a few weeks or so. I don't mind spending
    up to about $100 if needed on the capture card. I like great to excellent
    quality picture and sound, doesn't have to be superb but not only ok or bad
    either. Thanks for all the help.

    Email me or post here to reply

    Thanks again

    MauiJNP, Apr 12, 2004
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  2. MauiJNP

    DereX888 Guest

    If your computer has *at least*
    Pentium4 1.3GHz CPU (or AMD 1.7GHz - not the "1700" model mind you!) and
    256MB of RAM
    then you could:
    - buy any cheapest ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon card ($40 for model 7200 or less
    if you search for used one)
    - buy any dvd writer ($70 for cheapest one);

    With those two you can record from VCR or TV directly to disc (as you would
    using standalone dvd recorder), or - as you asked in previous post AFAIR -
    you can record to hard
    drive and re-encode/author to DVD disc later (with much better results than
    you would achieve using standalone dvd recorder).

    Not all dvd writers come with software allowing for direct-to-disc
    recording, but all of them can do it; you may want to check all pros & cons
    of each writer and software here:
    DereX888, Apr 12, 2004
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  3. MauiJNP

    Pug Fugley Guest

    That's kind of backwards...the AMD would smoke the Intel. Even a 1.4 ghz
    Athlon smokes a 1.3 Ghz Pentium.
    Pug Fugley, Apr 12, 2004
  4. MauiJNP

    DereX888 Guest

    AMD "smokes" Intel at *some* games with specific hardware, or at *some*
    office apps, true.
    But with its lack of SSE-2 instructions AMD processors need more MHz's than
    Intel chips to perform same with on-the-fly MPEG-2 videocapturing job.
    Specially it is important when the card's encoding engine is relying on the
    CPU (as it is with ATI AIW cards).
    AMD 1700 is the least AMD processor that is able to perform (without
    problems) long-term 720x480 on-the-fly MPEG-2 videocapture at VBR 9Mbps on
    WindowsXP, while Pentium4 can do it at 1300MHz thanks to its SSE-2

    Ofcourse you may elect to believe in AMD's advertisements cleverly showed as
    "tests" (where they use i.e. P4 with SDRAM vs AthlonXP with DDR etc etc

    Check indepedent tests like those on etc.
    There aren't many *real life* computer configurations where AMD would
    "smoke" Intel chips, and videocapturing or encoding is one of them.
    DereX888, Apr 12, 2004
  5. MauiJNP

    Pug Fugley Guest

    ALL that I've tried..which is why I switched after 10 years of building
    Intel systems. I won't touch an Intel chip now. AMD is faster, and costs
    HALF as much.
    Not that I've seen, AMD actually does MORE WORK per clock cylcle, therfore
    that's why the
    Athlon does MORE with a slower clock speed. MHZ is not everyting, it's only
    one peice of the puzzle.

    Actually, I have a 1.44 Athlon as one of my capture machines. Does 720x480
    real time just fine with an ATI Vivo card.
    Pug Fugley, Apr 12, 2004
  6. Avoid ATI like the Brits avoid the Black Death, circa 1380 AD or
    spend a few bucks and get yourself an NVidia/GeForce FX combination (2
    seperate cards doing 2 seperate jobs. If you want 1 card to do it all its
    going to die within a short amount of time and provide crap results in the
    meantime. NVidia + GeForceFX= quality, and the software that likely comes
    with is very User friendly.
    Latest version of ATI drivers and software makes it impossible to copy VHS
    onto DVD (according to ATI's 1-900# tech support, this process is "illegal,
    you know". and how do they explain their (cost $2.95 per min) tech support?
    "We have bills to pay, you know."
    good luck if you go ATI, their software is now where the NVidia/GeForce FX
    was about 10 years ago (quality wise), never mind the Macro-encoded drivers.
    Course, you could always download the cracks to crack their software, though
    doing so will void your warranty and you'll HAVE to call the 1-900 tech
    support line, and even there they put you on hold if they can't talk to you
    right away. Don't be Nike. Don't just do it :()
    Buffy Summers, Apr 13, 2004
  7. MauiJNP

    DereX888 Guest

    [cut pointless rant of another hurt AMD-fanatic]

    I build new AMD and Intel boxes on a weekly basis on average. As a matter of
    fact AMD-based machines consist of about 60% of all the machines I've built.
    However it is *only* due to a fact that AMDs are cheaper, not better.
    I have not yet found any 32bit AMD-based machine to outperform similar
    Intel-based machine whatsoever, and I add more: Intel machines in 99% of
    cases perform better.
    Within my friends and family I have suggested and built only few AMD-based
    machine, i.e. for my old Aunt - whom I knew she will use it just to browse
    internet or do emails. Thats the only example where AMD's "bang for a buck"
    really 'outperformed' Intel.
    This is my (and not only my) opinion.
    End of this off-topic.

    The original poster of this thread asked for advice about videocapture card.
    If you have better/cheaper advice than I gave him - please post it.
    If all you have to say (as all AMD-fanatics always do) that "AMD is better
    no matter what" - please start your own separate thread (in an appropiate
    newsgroup too actually), don't hijack this one.
    DereX888, Apr 13, 2004
  8. I have an Intel machine and Intel guaranteed it for 3 years! I had a
    problem with the computer and the shop just exchanged the mb for a brand new
    one - no problem at all. As far as I'm concerned, you can't beat that!
    Nadyne Nelson, Apr 13, 2004
  9. MauiJNP

    Mike Kohary Guest

    This is complete bunk, and I hate to see such blatantly biased
    misinformation passed around as if it were common knowledge. NVidia's
    products are good, but ATI's products have been recognized as being among
    the best (if not simply the best) over the last few years - the
    All-In-Wonder cards are roundly unanimously praised by every tech journal
    and magazine in existence. Your claims to lack of quality and workmanship
    are completely unfounded.

    Mike Kohary, Apr 14, 2004
  10. MauiJNP

    DereX888 Guest

    For future references: I simply recommend skipping or blocking *any* posts
    sent by "Buffy Summers", why waste your time reading it or reply to it?
    Those are exactly for what you have "Block Sender" option in every newsgroup
    DereX888, Apr 14, 2004
  11. MauiJNP

    SBFan2000 Guest

    Just for the record. Having one card that does it all is not "going to die
    in a short amount of time" Life wise there is no difference between one
    card or two. Also, I am a computer tech, and one of the most praised cards
    and the most requested cards are ATI AIW's

    SBFan2000, Apr 14, 2004
  12. MauiJNP

    Dick Sidbury Guest

    OK, then give me some advice with my problem. I have an AIW8500DV and
    now that I've changed motherboards the tv capture is finally working
    with DX9. But I want to go with dual monitors and haven't been able to
    do it satisfactorily. Granted I've not invested much in it. I tried a
    mach 64 that was lying around and a rage card too. Also an old Matrox
    Mistique. I want to know of something that will definitely work before
    actually spending cash on it.

    Dick Sidbury, Apr 15, 2004
  13. Then your customers haven't tried to copy VHS onto DVD lately. ATI even says that all of their latest software (The "Multimedia
    Centre" for example) possesses Macro-encoded drivers, making it Impossible
    to do this. also, go ahead and call ATI's tech support, either during or
    after your warranty has expired. They'll refer you to their 1-900 # tech
    support line.
    These customers of ATI obviously are looking for cheap hardware so they can
    copy off of TV, not VHS tapes that they made just 1/2 ago for a 1/2 hour
    And to back me up, I have a Backup copy of some VCD/CDRs I made quite a
    while ago with the ATI cap card. Should be just as good as the VHS right?
    Wrong. (I can send you the discs, 3-4 at a time per person so you can see
    for yourself :))
    Look at the same tape, 1 or so Generations removed (same episodes of the
    same cartoon), put it onto DVD, and suddenly you have a little bit better
    than the source material itself. and no, its not the fact that I'm making
    DVDs rather than VCDs---its the cap card.


    some The Legend of Zelda DVDs which I trade only, well, I have 2 different
    sets, same source tapes. One made with an ATI Cap Card (worse than VHS) and
    the other made with an NVidia/GeForce FX combination (extremely better than
    and besides, wasn't the whole point of this thread was to discuss from
    personal experience and not to start a spark tiff or flame war?
    and thats exactly what I have done.
    and if you don't like that I'm not playing in the mud, go scream at your
    local Sheriff and try to block his/her mean ol' men from arresting you. are
    you really that strong? If so, why are wasting your time when you can be out
    preventing terrorists from blowing up the World Trade Center, Superman? :)
    Buffy Summers, Apr 15, 2004
  14. MauiJNP

    Scotty Guest

    I agree that ATI's all in wonder cards are best suited for what is
    described here. NVidia/GeForce FX? Come on, while NVidia makes great
    gaming cards anyone who has used the AIW line and have read
    publications including Tom's Hardware know that for consumer
    multimedia video editing ATI is still without a doubt the champ. I
    have the AIW Radeon 9000 and a GeForce 3 Ti500 with VIVO function and
    there is no comparison. I know judging these two cards isn't exactly
    like comparing apples to oranges but considering the software suite,
    quality of video input - output and value AIW is best hands down. Now
    for gaming that is a whole other debate. I am not an avid gamer but
    the AIW Radeon is more than adequate for any game I throw at it and
    while overclocking helps :) it is still not intended to be a killer
    when it comes to top notch frame rate madness.

    BTW you can usually find the AIW line of cards on ebay for a great
    price as long as you don't mind finding bargain prices on the software
    and A/V cables separate.
    Scotty, Apr 15, 2004
  15. I agree that ATI's all in wonder cards are best suited for what is
    Fine. Take my advice for what its worth as someone who has been there, not
    relying on "reviews" which ATI has probably, one way or another, paid for.
    Just don't come crying to me when your Overclock your ATI Hardware trying
    desperately to get the best quality captures (which you're simply NOT going
    to do).
    Oh, and did I mention that Overclocking Voids any existing warranty
    on the ATI card lines? Even if you restore the system defaults (the card
    defaults) you try telling ATI's tech support you overclocked it, even
    letting it slip once. They will say "Uh huh. Here's a 1-900 tech support
    line you can call which is also us. It'll be ~$3.95 per minute." Oh, and if
    they get many calls even on their other lines, they will do you the courtesy
    of placing you on hold on their #1-900 line. Their justification for doing
    this? "We have bills to pay".
    Take my advice for what it is worth, someone that has been there, done that,
    even bought the T-Shirt. Traded them all in for an NVidia/Geforce FX. I
    don't depend upon "online reviews" that someone else has paid for. I depend
    upon the voice of experience, and if you're not going to listen then you're
    free to waste your money. Its not my money you're spending, and from where
    I'm posting this from, this is America, so go nuts. Just remember I told you
    so way back when in April of '04 when you experience suddenly Macro-encoded
    homemade VHS tapes you want to encode to DVD-R if using an ATI Card.
    NVidia/Geforce, not even on Commerically-Made tapes is there even a
    trace of Macrovision. Just don't copy Disney (I'm not saying its impossible,
    its just illegal and their lawyers have NO sense of Humor) or Lucas (same
    story) and expect to sell or re-sell them on shit-Bay.
    and that's all I got to say on the subject. I have informed everyone
    concerned my opinion. But its not my money, so its not my ultimate decision.
    That's up to the original poster.
    PS. I apologize to everyone whom this thread has been cross-posted
    to. I didn't realize it has been sent to so many groups at the same time or
    I wouldn't have chimed in.
    Buffy Summers, Apr 15, 2004
  16. MauiJNP

    Scotty Guest

    "not relying on "reviews" which ATI has probably, one way or another,
    paid for."

    Hey, Buffy there is a reason why reviews are published both online and
    in print. If what you are saying is true than there is a conspiracy
    by ATI to pay for flattering reviews regarding their products. If you
    believe this than you are hitting the pipe too hard. There are a
    variety of sources that review computer hardware and have no
    affiliation with ATI. How all of them could be paid off by ATI
    without the rest of the world knowing is a mystery to me. You tell me
    so that I can get some of the kickbacks. It is obvious that you have
    something against ATI or have never used an ATI all-in-wonder video
    card. Like I said before I have BOTH ATI cards and NVIDIA cards and
    they BOTH overclock nicely using the proper software and techniques.
    It is a fact in my experience and many many others that the ATI AIW
    cards are much better suited for consumer based multimedia projects as
    described here in this post. For gaming, I have found that NVIDIA
    video cards are fabulous.
    Overclocking pretty much voids any warranty on any piece of hardware
    you will find – this is a fact. You take that risk when you increase
    the voltage and bus speed of your components to gain extra
    performance. Whether you think customer service is better from NVIDIA
    or ATI is one of personal opinion. In my experience customer service
    is never up to par for practically anything.

    BTW - I have successfully transferred Macro-encoded homemade VHS tapes
    and just about every other type of media to DVD-R using an ATI Card.
    It is not that difficult, you just need a all-in-wonder video card and
    the right software. Nuff said...
    Scotty, Apr 17, 2004
  17. Shows what you know---there is no such thing as a "Macro-encoded homemade
    tape". (what, you think something you've taped off of the TV just 1/2 hour
    ago is suddenly "Macro-encoded"? ((it is if its patched through ATI
    MustyMedia Centre original setup non-overclocked non-modified, but by itself
    its not Macro-encoded :) )) You're dumber than I originally thought and your
    "opinion" means absolutely diddly from here on out)..but besides that, I
    have made my opinion pubilicly known and I have nothing more to say on the
    subject :)
    Buffy Summers, Apr 18, 2004
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