Camera Suggestion For Gift Would Be Most Appreciated

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bob, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest


    I would like to buy as a present one of those really small and thin
    digital cameras as a present for a couple with a new baby.

    They are Totally non-technical, and would probably not use 90% of
    the features that these cameras seem to come with now.Have no real
    interest in anything Photographic, but would, of course, love to take
    and have baby pix.

    What I would like, I think, is:

    Truly Auto-Focus.

    Simple to use (Really Simple); without the need for going thru multiple
    option screens, etc.

    $ 125 approx. max. Is this adequate for something "decent" these days ?

    Thin, small, and lightweight.
    Good reputation and history for surviving some bumps and thumps, etc.

    A decent physically small size memory card; Not one of those "micro SIM"
    cards that cel phones use. Would want it to be easy for them to just
    insert in the slot in their PC, and either view, or send to others, the pix

    Some sort of zoom, I guess; perhaps 5X ?

    A decent size and quality viewing screen.

    Easy to transfer to the PC. Viewing on their TV would be nice, too, of
    course if practical.

    Not sure what else to ask for, as, frankly, I'm not all that into
    photography myself.

    Any thoughts on would be most appreciated.

    Much thanks,
    Bob, Nov 27, 2011
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  2. Bob

    tony cooper Guest

    Every currently available Nikon and Canon compact camera will meet the
    above specifications. Cameras made by several other manufacturers
    also, but I'm keeping it simple for you. Avoid off-brands (for
    cameras) like GE and stick with the two majors.

    Both Canon and Nikon have models in that price range, and models above
    that price range that will be on sale within that price range. You
    won't find much difference between Nikon and Camera in comparably
    priced models, so just set your budget, look for those two brands, and
    buy one.

    The memory cards will be SD cards, not the smaller "micro SIM" cards.
    tony cooper, Nov 27, 2011
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  3. Bob

    RichA Guest

    The really small and thin ones you won't get (Sony) for $125.00. But
    there is a range of cameras that are fairly small that run about
    $100.00. They all come from the same Sanyo factory so which one you
    get really does not matter.
    Here's a simple one to operate:
    RichA, Nov 27, 2011
  4. Bob

    John Turco Guest

    Oh, so...anything lacking either Canon's or Nikon's badge, is an "off
    brand" to you? Actually, excepting DSLR bodies, a mere handful of OEM
    companies (e.g., Sanyo) make digital cameras. (Neither Nikon nor Canon,
    is among those select few.)

    It's particularly ironic that you chose General Electric, as an example
    of a label to avoid. Because, within the consumer market, GE offers its
    renowned name (and famous logo) to other outfits.

    [California-based "General Imaging" is the exclusive licensee for GE
    digicams, globally.]
    Canon/Nikon snobbery seldom subsides, seemingly.
    Although, some compact models do feature "microSD" slots.
    John Turco, Dec 22, 2011
  5. Bob

    tony cooper Guest

    That really isn't a fair criticism. The poster is merely suggesting
    that a person who isn't knowledgeable about all brands, or doesn't
    know how to research brands and models on his own, will find that a
    Canon or Nikon camera will be a good choice. He's suggesting a
    "simple" choice. The poster isn't suggesting that all other brands be
    In the compact camera market, GE branded cameras are low-end junk. GE
    has chosen to offer only cheapie cameras under their own brand.
    It's a realistic and practical suggestion for anyone not willing to do
    their own digging. It has nothing to do with brand snobbery; it's
    only a recognition that these two brands offer a range of models that
    will satisfy the questioner's needs.

    I would add a couple of brand names to the list, but the poster has
    specified that he wants to keep his recommendation as simple as
    tony cooper, Dec 22, 2011
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