Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) March meeting this Wednesday,March 12, 2008

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    I've been attending the COBA meetings for several years. This is a
    fun local group of camera owners. No dues - if you own a camera and
    live in (or are visiting) the SF Bay Area you can come to this free
    meeting, meet other local camera owners, hear interesting reports and
    presentations, network, and enter the monthly print contest with a
    great prize - 1 free year of Smugmug Pro. Details follow.


    The March meeting for the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user
    group will be held on Wednesday, March 12, 2008, in Cordura Hall 100
    at Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.

    == Agenda ==

    19:00-19:30: Sign-in and mingling period
    19:30-19:45: Making Money with Photography
    19:45-20:30: Believing you can make money with photography - Oliver
    20:30-21:15: Building a Photography Accessories Business - Chris
    21:00-21:30: Monthly Assignment: SPRING

    == The Business of Photography ==

    This month, Alvin, JC, Oliver, and Chris will be hosting the COBA
    meeting in my place. I will be finishing up my trip in China, where I
    will have been photographing and filming a documentary on the life and
    times of China's first feminist -

    The topic for this month is Making Money with Photography. We've got
    two great speakers who approach the business in different ways. Read

    == Believing You Can Make Money With Photography ==

    As a nature photographer, Oliver Klink likes to dazzle his audience
    with unexpected beauty, expand their horizons, and reflect the natural
    diversity in the world. Concerned with our rapidly changing planet,
    Oliver has embarked on photographing animals in the wild to capture
    their behaviors and share a glimpse of nature often unseen by humans.

    He teaches photography workshops in the Santa Cruz Mountains on
    hummingbirds, in Oregon on grebe courtships and Alaska on grizzly
    bears and eagles. His photographs are exhibited at various local
    galleries, with his next exhibit starting on March 7 at Modernbook
    (Palo Alto). In his presentation on making you believe that you can
    make money with photography, he will discuss:

    - Starting a business
    - Products (Prints, workshops, stock)
    - Pricing
    - Promotion
    - Reality vs. Myths

    Oliver Klink received a MS Physics from Queen's University (Canada)
    and an MBA from San Jose State University.

    His updated schedule can be found at

    == Building a Photography Accessories Business ==

    Chris Pedersen has been passionate about photography since he started
    taking pictures with an Argus instamatic in the early 1970's. His
    passion has opened the door to his shooting NCAA sports while in
    college, meeting and photographing Ansel Adams in his home, and
    pioneering several imaging-related businesses while working at HP.

    In 2007, he retired from HP, and took advantage of the opportunity to
    start several photo-related businesses and pursue his lifelong dream
    of making a living at doing what he loves. He is now the Chief
    Inventor and Founder of Phoxle Photo Accessories, a Senior Analyst
    specializing in imaging industries at DIGDIA, and the owner of his
    Corporate Event Photography business PQ Photography.

    == SmugMug Monthly Assignment: SPRING ==

    Spring is in the air! The winner will get a free 1-year Pro account
    subscription on SmugMug for having the best photo of the group!

    Only new photographs taken from the previous meeting date to the next
    meeting date will be accepted.

    == Location ==

    Cordura Hall 100
    210 Panama Street
    Stanford, CA 94309,+stanford,+ca

    Cordura Hall is on the corner of Campus Drive and Panama Street. Park
    in the lot across the street - it says "faculty only" but that is only
    during the day - it is OK to park there in the evening. Cordura 100 is
    next to the courtyard between Ventura Hall and Cordura Hall.

    == More Information ==

    For more information about COBA, please visit:
    jcdill, Mar 10, 2008
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