Camera having problems - is it the camera or memory card?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by American Chick, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Recently my digital camera (Olympus, lower end and about 4 years old)
    started acting up. It takes pictures, but then when I check the
    listing, it may only have one or two of the actual pictures there. So
    I'll take ten pictures, and maybe have a couple that really show up.

    I've tried reformatting the camera's drive and so on, and nothing seems
    to work. I hate to go buy a new memory card and then discover it was
    the camera and be stuck with a card I don't need.

    I use Macintosh.

    Thank you.
    American Chick, Jul 18, 2005
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  2. American Chick

    mike Guest

    You shore don't give much information to go on.
    I have an Olympus D-510 that uses smartmedia.
    My symptom was random failure to read the card,
    frequent demands to reformat then the format failed.
    Turned out that my problem was lack of solder on some
    of the pins of the smartmedia socket. took years for
    the pins to fatigue and corrode enough to quit working.

    If it's smartmedia, the first thing I'd try is cleaning.
    Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the card contacts.

    I took some heavy bond paper wrapped around a thin sheet of
    plastic and doused with alcohol to clean the socket. Measure the
    thickness of the cleaning assembly to be slightly less than
    the thickness of your card so you don't spring the contacts.

    I also cleaned my card reader. If one is contaminated, the other
    probably is too.

    I still have not figured out exactly what a camera does about
    bad blocks on a smartmedia card. My mp3 player can reformat
    a card and mark the bad blocks. But the camera may or may not undo
    that when you reformat in the camera. Maybe someone can chime in here
    with the true answer.

    If it's not smartmedia...never mind.
    Precise questions get better answers.

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    mike, Jul 18, 2005
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  3. American Chick

    Marvin Guest

    Try cleaning the contacts on the card. Rubbing gently with a clean eraser should do the
    job. And blow out the card slot with canned air. A little dirt on low-voltage contacts
    can cause problems.
    Marvin, Jul 18, 2005
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