Calling Gateway: You Left The Clue at your abandoned retail stores...

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Cal Cerise, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. Cal Cerise

    Cal Cerise Guest

    Dave: Welcome to! Home of America's Best Selling Plasma
    TV and Hot New Line of Digital Cameras!
    My name is <snip> your sales advisor. My phone is 1-800-<snip>
    x<snip> What phone number are you chatting from today?

    calvin: 217 <snip>
    Dave: How are you doing todya Calvin?
    calvin: fine
    Dave: Great! How's the weather in IL?
    calvin: hot, otherwise fine
    Dave: Super! What bring's you to Gateway chat today?
    calvin: I'm looking at buying a 64 bit workstation
    Dave: Sorry I don't carry those right now
    Dave: Anything else I can with today?
    calvin: What are you looking at future time wise?
    Dave: Sorry I haven't heard
    Dave: I can sure call you or feel free to call me when we do ok
    Dave: Did you see I have a 5 megapixel camera for $249.99

    Also Spy Sweeper/Window Washer for $39.99?

    (Ed Note: A new antivirus and spy package just came out for free.
    It's called Linux.)

    calvin: We're looking at either the AMD Opteron or Itanium based
    calvin: we are replacing a SGI Origin server with the R10000 proc
    Dave: I will let you know if I can offer you one in the future
    calvin: Camera wise we are looking at a digital system to augment our
    M6 and M4-2 Leicas
    calvin: Must be ruggedized and use full area of lens, 24x36
    Dave: Sorry I don't offer anything like that right now. Anything else
    you needed?
    calvin: a link to the new prerelease site
    calvin: Film will never be obsolete, though, will it?
    calvin: Even the $25K Hasselblad back doesn't fully match 35mm film
    Dave: No it won't
    calvin: but if it's going on a web site anyway, or for small insets
    in teh pubs digitals great
    calvin: tech pubs
    calvin: We have an older digital Nikon , but it gets little use
    calvin: A 6x7 scanner that has pro resolution under $2000, we'd buy
    one of those
    Dave: What company or organization is this for Calvin?
    calvin: <snip>
    calvin: We do tech pubs for <snip> mfr's
    calvin: We are using GIMP for all our image work
    calvin: we shoot mostly 35 or occasionally 6x7
    calvin: we print to <snip> directly
    calvin: Very nearly a 100% GPL/Linux shop except SGI runs Irix
    calvin: No Macs.
    Dave: I just sent a page
    Dave: Would this work for you?
    calvin: This is a flatbed scanner. We already have one, which I think
    is the predecessor of this one. We want a dedicated film scanner that
    can handle 6x7
    calvin: transarencies, the resolution is far better.
    calvin: Flatbed scanners are fine for paper
    calvin: but the detail for negatives isn't there
    calvin: Getting the Epson to talk properly to SGI was a bugger, too,
    and Epson were no help
    calvin: eventually we did get it working
    calvin: and we're pleased with it.
    calvin: The scanners we want currently retail for $5000 up
    Dave: Sorry I don't offer those right now
    calvin: and our market isn't big enough
    Dave: Anything else you needed?
    calvin: We need FILM scanning
    calvin: You have my phone# Feel free to call when you get a 64 bit
    solution,but, Dell and HP already there and we are looking to replace
    the SGI when it leaves SGI maintenance this October
    calvin: and we want a month or two overlap
    Dave: Sure will
    calvin: So we need to nake a buying decision by <snip>
    calvin: Did you see the Epson camera?
    calvin: It's rugged and, it takes M Leica lenses, which we have
    Dave: Yes I did
    Dave: very nice
    calvin: Using the same lens for dig and film is the only way to go
    calvin: I have the Medical Nikkor 200mm which we use on the digital
    once and a while
    calvin: although it's effectively a 340mm on the dig
    calvin: which is too long
    calvin: I have to go but, keep in touch if you run into the stuff I
    calvin: Good Luck!
    Dave: Thank you for chatting with
    Cal Cerise, Jun 25, 2004
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  2. Just a point the Epson has an APS-C format sensor (15.6mmx23.7mm) it's the
    same Sony sensor that's in the Nikon D100/Pentax *istD
    Darrell Larose, Jun 25, 2004
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  3. Cal Cerise

    G.T. Guest

    What's your point? Everybody knows that Gateway is the Walmart of
    digital sales. Do you see Hasselblads at Walmart?

    G.T., Jun 25, 2004
  4. Cal Cerise

    Cal Cerise Guest

    18:48 New party ('calvin') has joined the session
    18:48 You have been placed in queue. An advisor will join soon to
    assist you. When you choose to finish your chat, please use the EXIT
    CHAT button on your right.
    18:49 New party ('Andre') has joined the session
    18:49 Andre> Welcome to !!! Home of America's Best Selling
    Plasma TV and Hot New Line of Digital Cameras !!! My name is ANDRE'
    and I'll be your E-sales Advisor. If you like, and to better service
    you, please provide your phone #. How are you today?!
    18:49 calvin> hello, how are you?
    18:50 Andre> Fine, thank you. What can I do for you?
    18:50 calvin> I'm looking for a film scanner
    18:50 Andre> We do not offer any, sorry
    18:50 calvin> ok
    18:56 Andre> Thank you
    18:56 Party ('Andre') has left the session
    18:56 Attention! Agent left this chat room. It will be closed soon.

    (Note timestamps. Andre takes six minutes then without asking
    'anything else' etc. dumps customer.
    Cal Cerise, Jul 1, 2004
  5. Cal Cerise

    Cal Cerise Guest

    A howler sent to me:

    17:02 New party ('Chrissie Shaefer') has joined the session
    17:02 You have been placed in queue. An advisor will join soon to
    assist you. When you choose to finish your chat, please use the EXIT
    CHAT button on your right.
    17:02 New party ('Ernest') has joined the session
    17:02 Chrissie Shaefer> hi hello
    17:02 Ernest> Hi Chrissie Shaefer, welcome to, home of
    America's Best Selling Plasma TV and Hot New Line of Digital Cameras!
    My name is Ernest and I will be your eSales Advisor. In case we get
    separated, may I get your phone number please?
    17:02 Chrissie Shaefer> <snip>
    17:03 Ernest> Thanks! How are you today, Chrissie ?
    17:03 Chrissie Shaefer> pretty good
    17:04 Ernest> Great to hear! What brings you my way today?
    17:04 Chrissie Shaefer> we are looking for a scanner and maybe another
    17:05 Ernest> Ok, what would the workstation be used for?
    17:05 Chrissie Shaefer> we are doing very image intensive work with 2D
    and 3D Ultrasounds
    17:06 Ernest> Will the this system be networked with other
    17:06 Chrissie Shaefer> We are currently running a SGI Octane2 with
    17:06 Chrissie Shaefer> yes
    17:06 Chrissie Shaefer> we ned both 100base T and a twinax card, but
    we have twinax cards for PCs
    17:07 Chrissie Shaefer> One reason we want to go to a commodity
    platform is the SGI doesn't talk to the
    17:07 Chrissie Shaefer> twinax network
    17:08 Ernest> Hmmm, we can't build that solution here from the web
    team, but you can call us at
    17:08 Chrissie Shaefer> so I have a separate PC running Windows just
    for that
    17:08 Ernest> <snip> and ask for custom small business solutions.
    17:08 Chrissie Shaefer> we can supply the twinax-we want a commodity
    17:09 Ernest> Is this going to be purchase by a University?
    17:09 Chrissie Shaefer> yes
    17:10 Ernest> Ok, you would actually want to ask for higher education
    at that same number,
    17:10 Ernest> because there will be an assigned rep for your school,
    17:10 Ernest> I would be stepping on their toes if I sell a system.
    17:11 Chrissie Shaefer> I'll have to have someone call Monday because
    I can't talk on the phone
    17:11 Ernest> that is fine, take care and have an awesome weekend!
    17:11 Chrissie Shaefer> I have had radical laryngectomy-I use TDD/TTY
    most of the time
    17:11 Chrissie Shaefer> it's really not fine
    17:12 Chrissie Shaefer> I was a coloratura soprano
    17:12 Ernest> If you need help with any personal purchases, I would be
    happy to help, you can chat back in and ask for me. I'm sorry to hear
    about that, I had no idea.
    17:12 Chrissie Shaefer> not a problem, but, it's still difficult
    17:13 Ernest> I wish you all the best. have a wonderful afternoon!
    17:13 Chrissie Shaefer> Beverly Sills recommended me to Salzburg
    17:13 Chrissie Shaefer> have a nice day
    17:16 Party ('Ernest') has left the session
    17:16 Attention! Agent left this chat room. It will be closed soon.
    Cal Cerise, Jul 10, 2004
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