Calling a script after DHCPv6 assign the IP

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by Luca Bertoncello, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hi all!

    Since it seems not to be possible to route my static /64-Subnet on my dynamic IPv6-Address from Deutsche Telekom, I'm trying to change my system in order to work with dynamic IPv6 (I hate this definition...).

    Well, my first problem is to call a script after I receive the IP and Network from Telekom. This script will then assign the IP on my internal network, change my domain and so on...
    I have to use wide-dhcp6, since other programs just not work (I tried with dibbler, too, but it does not receive the IP).

    Unfortunately, I can just call a script when the first answer comes, but it is BEFORE the IP will be assigned, so I can't use my script.

    Has anyone a suggestion, how can I solve my problem?

    Thanks a lot
    Luca Bertoncello
    Luca Bertoncello, Jul 13, 2015
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  2. Luca Bertoncello

    Bit Twister Guest

    My first suggestion is to use a Usenet client which will allow you to
    set the line wrap abound 72 characters.

    Reason; the subject matter expert which could help you solve your
    problem might not bother replying because he/she is not going to
    reformat your post to line wrap per the Usenet Guidelines.

    Second suggestion is read

    The section about providing information like your distribution,
    release, desktop environment, .....

    Little things like that allows the subject matter expert to provide
    more detailed information/instructions to help solve your problem.

    As a matter of fact, you can create a ~/.signature file with all the
    default information and configure a real Usenet client to provide the
    file contents on every post.

    You start the file with a
    dash dash space
    followed by 4 lines or less of information: If I were to provide one
    it would look something like the one at the bottom of this reply.

    It is even possible to have a script run upon login to automagically
    generate one so you never have to mess with it when you upgrade your

    As for your problem, I have no experience with the wide-dhcp6 application.
    Looking on
    I find nothing for wide-dhcp6

    I know from past experience with ipv4 dhcp clients, the man page
    suggests the name of the script which, if exist, will run after
    obtaining a dhcp ip address lease.

    Sound like the perfect place to put your script.

    Having been in your predicament a few times, and lately because of ISP
    changes, I went and bought a wireless router to put between my ISP
    router and my LAN. used an Ethernet cable to connect the two,
    configured my router to understand my ISP routers LAN addresses and
    been an easy ~5 minutes for any WAN connection changes.

    Now, my LAN never notices what ip address is assigned before my router.
    Bit Twister, Jul 13, 2015
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