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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by vmsell, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. vmsell

    vmsell Guest

    We have all modules includes latest Version VoiceMaster 4.1 & SM 2.5.
    . Looking for best hosted billing Software for your VOIP Company?? W
    have it to provide you at cheap price with excellent support. We hav
    good and stable VM for hosted solutions. You can try to get thi
    solution from us; we think u will satisfy with our service.

    we are offering VM 4.1 for sell with installation+ configuration

    ***100% Modules Working
    ***Stable version
    ***Good Technical Support
    ***24x7 technical Support
    ***Cheap Price

    Some features of software’s:

    F1) For PC2PHONE
    F2) For Prepaid Calling Card
    F3) For DID Calling Card,
    F4) For IP Phone < ---- > Phone,
    F5) For Phone < ------ >Phone,
    F6) For Call Shop,
    F7) For Wholesale Termination,
    F For H323<--->SIP Converter
    F9) For Online Billing
    F10) For Reseller
    F11) For Prepaid & Post Paid
    F12) DID In Ip phone
    F13) Clients can buy from online like CC or pay pal Account.
    F14) End User Can create Account & pin from website.
    F15) Voice Mail.

    Calling Card Features
    • Support for multiple account types, including Active User, Networ
    Provider, Wholesale Client, Reseller, Corporate Client and Commissio
    • User authentication by ANI, DNIS, PIN, IP address, tech-prefix, use
    name or combination of methods
    • Ability to include ANI/DNIS and custom charges and taxes in IV
    • Management of PINs generation, activation and deactivation
    • Support for unlimited number of PINs
    • Ability to deactivate accounts after certain period or date
    • Import and export of PIN batches
    • Management of call limit per PIN (based on time or expense)
    • Support for 16 Digit PINs including special characters
    • Ability to restrict users from making local, toll-free, internationa
    and other calls
    • Management of calls exceeding maximum call time threshold

    Custom Service Billing Features*
    • Ability to assign custom service plans to users
    • Support for monthly custom charges per user
    • Management of custom service charges for reseller and corporat
    • Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly flat charges
    • Support for one time, minimum monthly, hardware, first DID
    additional DID and other charges

    Pls don’t be hesitate to mail &live chat with me .

    Mail& Live Chat:

    MSN ID:
    vmsell, Nov 30, 2006
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