Call Manager PLAR and Barge, cBarge functionality -custom

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by chris m, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. chris m

    chris m Guest

    As it stands in a normal configuration, Cbarge and Barge will not work
    on a line appearance when another user has that single FXO line
    siezed. I have this setup on 7960/7914 sidecars as line appearances
    when the second user attempts to barge inot the ongoing call, the line
    goes off hook and immediately executes the (translation pattern)
    -speed dial to get to the PLAR.

    -- Is there a way to buy time via something like, say, ...the
    interdigit timeout to grant the user some time to be able to hit the
    cBarge softkey before the CCM executes the null translation pattern
    before that forces the ringdown? Technically from a conceptual
    standpoint, this could work if there were a way (workaround) to delay
    the execution of that dial string on that line appearance.

    chris m, Sep 9, 2004
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  2. chris m

    chris m Guest

    After much wrangling with the PLAR and breaking it and rebuilding it
    again. After my friend's Don's advice, I configured an identical route
    pattern to match the range if DN's -with one extra X in it to force
    the potential matches to two patterns, this forced the CCM to wait out
    the interdigit timeout and allow me sufficient time to hit the cBarge
    softkey. It works, only caveat is that the PLAR takes a few seconds to
    execute on the initial call to that PLAR'd endpoint. After that,
    everyone with the shar'd line appearance PLAR can dive-in on that PLAR
    call via thier share with Barge, cBarge.

    Thanks, Don!

    I.O.U. a beer -or five.
    chris m, Sep 11, 2004
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