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    ICT Africa 2007
    October 1-5
    NEPAD Council 2nd Annual ICT conference
    The Kenyatta International Conference Center
    Nairobi, Kenya

    The Organizing Committee for ICT Africa 2007 is pleased to announce
    ICT Africa 2007:

    ICT Africa is an annual continental information and communications
    technology conference addressing all aspects of ICT development in
    Africa. The conference is convened by NEPAD council in collaboration
    with the NEPAD Kenya secretariat. The 2007 event will be organized by
    Global Conferences, Cape Town, South Africa.

    ICT Africa 2007 is scheduled for October 1 to 5. The conference will
    feature hundreds of new ideas on ICT development, lessons leant from
    other regions of the world, many industry's top minds, discussions on
    policy, investment, regional projects and research and development.
    The conference is a venue for agencies working on different projects
    in different parts of the continent to meet, exchange ideas and form

    With technical tutorials, demonstrations, news in the making and the
    opportunity to talk to experts, this event will be an experience for
    all attendees. Whether attendees are entrepreneurs, university
    professors, scientists or engineers, exhibitors or members of the
    press, the conference program will be tailored to their information
    needs and interest.

    ICT Africa will consist of a plenary session, conference tracks,
    technical tutorials and an exhibition.

    Plenary session
    ICT Africa 2007 will consist of a plenary session to be addressed by
    ministers (or their representatives) from all regions of Africa. The
    plenary session is expected to address infrastructure projects
    throughout Africa including The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) and
    the East Africa Submarine System (EASSy). The Kenyan ministry of
    information and communications will host the plenary session.

    Conference tracks
    The rest of the conference will be divided into two main tracks, a
    technical/academic track and a policy/business track. The technical/
    academic track will feature presentations from peer reviewed papers by
    scientists, engineers, professors and students from Africa and abroad.
    The policy/business track addresses policy and business challenges of
    ICT development in Africa. Topics will include, but not limited to;
    deregulation, monopoly, and ICT investment.

    Technical tutorials
    One day will be dedicated to technical tutorials. NEPAD Council
    experts and other experts from different parts of the world will
    deliver short courses in next generation networks, fibre optics, and
    voice over Internet protocol and other topics of interest to

    The 2007 event will consist of an Industry exhibition running parallel
    to the conference. The exhibition is organized by Togo consultants.

    As with ICT Africa 2006, ICT Africa 2007 will be held at the Kenyatta
    International Conference Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The central
    position of Kenya in Africa, the easy of flight connections from
    different parts of the world to Kenya, the commitment of the Kenyan
    ministry of information and communication to ICT development and to
    ICT Africa and the commitment of NEPAD Kenya to ICT Africa are some of
    the considerations for the choice of Kenya as a venue.

    Other events
    · Organized pre and post conference tours
    · Reception
    · Accompanying persons program

    General conference contact:

    Riedwaan Jacobs
    Global Conferences
    Gardener Place, 1st Floor
    Howard Dr. Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa
    Phone: +27 21532 6333
    Fax +27 21 532 6331
    JD, May 26, 2007
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