Cable Modem / FT1 Frame Relay hybrid coalition problem

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jose E. Calderon, Oct 23, 2003.

  1. This is my network configuration:
    4 PC under Windows 98, 1 PC under WinXP, 3 Mac with 8.9O.S and other
    NEt printers.

    My connection to the internet was been through a CISCO 2524 Router
    connected with a FT1 module in Frame Relay at 128K bandwith. FT1 local
    Ip is
    Router 2524 has a NAT table pointing all static IP to the Local IP's

    Because the FT1 speed was not fast enough to acceess the internet, we
    choose to add to the network a Cable Modem service. The cable modem
    access uses a Motorola modem and the Router is a Benkley 4 ports
    router. The Cable Modem IP is

    THe problem that I am having is that my CISCO router started acting
    erratic. The alert alarm light of teh CISCO router goes on all the
    time forcing me to shut the cisco router off and On for re-set. I have
    contacted my an IT administrator, but he has not been able to pin
    point to the real problem. He just noticed that the CISCO router shows
    lots of coalitions (What ever this means , I do not know).

    I momentarily placed the Cable modem out of service from the Net and
    it looks like the CISCO router comes back O.K. I could come to the
    conclusion that the CISCO router does not like this type of hybrid

    Has anyone heve faced this problem? Do any of you have a fix for this?

    Thanks your

    Jose E. Calderon
    CS Group
    Reliable Engineering Services
    Jose E. Calderon, Oct 23, 2003
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