cable internet / router / home network set up question

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Paul Huntley, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Paul Huntley

    Paul Huntley Guest


    Previously, my home network was running smoothly with a DSL modem
    (Earthlink), DL-624 router (1 wireless, 3 ethernet land lines) connected
    to two desktops via the 10/100 lines, and a wireless laptop.

    I want to switch to Comcast cable internet for the speedup. I've
    registered the cable modem, and started my account/services with
    Comcast, and can connect via the cable modem to the 'net, to my laptop
    via a 10/100 direct to the modem.

    I now am trying to put the router back into my system--I figure it
    should work, just as my network works with the DSL modem. When I switch
    out the DSL modem and substitute the cable modem, I can no longer

    The only way the cable interet connects is without the router to just
    one computer. :(

    Can anybody help with some suggestions of things to look at to get this
    up and running?


    Paul Huntley
    San Jose, CA
    Paul Huntley, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Paul Huntley

    Duane Arnold Guest

    What? Is Comcast using MAC authentication for the first device past the
    modem? Is the one computer that can connect to Comcast have its NIC MAC
    registered with Comcast and can connect?

    Have you tried another computer with a direct connection to the modem and it
    cannot connect to Comcast, because its NIC MAC is not registered with

    It sounds like the router's MAC must be registered with Comcast which should
    be in the area of the serial number on the router. You have to call Comcast
    and register the router's MAC.

    Or find out what the NIC MAC of the computer that can connect by entering
    IPconfig /all at the Command Prompt. You can take that MAC and enter it into
    the MAC cloning feature screen of the router. The router's MAC cloning
    feature will present that MAC to the ISP and allow the router to connect.

    The MAC authentication may be the reason you cannot connect with the router
    to the ISP..

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Jun 11, 2006
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  3. The router was configured for PPPoE if you had xDSL.
    Connect the router to the cable modem. Connect your PCs to the router. Log
    in to the router. Change PPPoE to DHCP or Auto, save the changes. Try
    Cameron L. Toew, Jun 11, 2006
  4. Paul Huntley

    Whiskers Guest

    I suggest that you note the security settings etc that you have set up at
    present in the router, then reset it (see the instructions for the router
    - probably a recessed button somewhere).

    Power down the cable modem, router, and all computers, connect the modem
    to the router, and one PC with a wired connection to the router, then
    power up the cable modem and give it time to settle (see the instructions
    for that unit), then power up the router and let that settle (see the
    router's instructions). With any luck the router will find the new
    internet connection for itself.

    Now power up the computer that is wired to the router and follow the
    instructions for the cable modem, router, and operating system, for
    setting up a new internet connection from scratch. Use your notes of the
    settings you had before to get the security and local connections set up
    again in the router.

    If that doesn't work, Earthlink should be able to help sort out whichever
    step goes wrong in the suggested sequence above.

    As others have mentioned, at some point you may well need to know the
    unique MAC identifiers of each machine's network or wireless card.
    Whiskers, Jun 11, 2006
  5. Paul Huntley

    Paul Huntley Guest

    Yes! This is the issue...switched to DHCP (Auto) and
    reconfigured/restarted everything, and I bounced right up.

    Thank you Cameron, Duane, and Whiskers for your help!


    Paul Huntley
    San Jose, CA
    Paul Huntley, Jun 11, 2006
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