CABLE HOOKUP help needed! TV + DVD + VCR + 8mm VCR . . . on Digital Home Theatre

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Curious Angel, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. HOOKUP help! TV + DVD + VCR + 8mm VCR . . . on Digital Home Theatre

    Hi everyone, I just got a new Cyberhome Progressive Scan DVD player
    and I would greatly appreciate anyone helping me (a real dummy with
    cables) help me get the most out of the HTh (Home Theatre) componentry
    I have. I'm sorry this is somewhat long, but it will be a useful post
    for others to read who might want similar setups.

    BRIEFLY: 10 years ago (almost to the day) when I bought this Sony HTh
    one of the greatest advantages was the abundance of jacks vis the
    Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features + its Dolby Surround-Sound. That's
    important to understand because I've had TWO VCRs hooked to those
    jacks up to now, one recording to the other. There are 5 questions I
    have —

    1) Since there are no "Y/Pb-Cb/Pr-Cr" PROGRESSIVE SCAN jacks on the
    back of my TV does this mean that I cannot use this feature of my
    ((New)) DVD player? I guess I can't complain since I paid $24.99
    for it hee hee.

    2) Would I add the ((New)) DVD player to my existing setup by the use
    of a SPLITTER? a SWITCHBOX? or other? — and who gets split, if the
    only two components capable of RECORDING are (still) the two VCRs?

    3) Can I (Should I) make use, for the first time, of the S-VIDEO JACK
    on my TV by hooking it to the S-Video on my ((New)) DVD player?
    Will that produce the sharpest video from the DVDs I play?

    4) If I decided to connect the S-Video on my TV to the S-Video on my
    ((New)) DVD player, would that disrupt the picture from the other
    two VCRs which _don't_ have S-Video . . . given that that cable
    will, nonetheless, be plugged into the TV? Am I "layering" this
    video jack over the other video jack available to the ((New)) DVD
    player . . . or does this SUBSTITUTE for its regular video jack,
    and I use just the one? How would the presence of an S-Video cable
    into my TV affect the other video connections which CANNOT read
    an S-Video signal?

    5) I don't have an amplifier connected to my HTh because (for my
    taste) it's quite loud enough just having connected the TV to its
    companion towers. But that's movies — now that I can play my
    audio CD's through the ((New)) DVD player, will I be forced to
    buy an amplifier to hear anything off of them? Will I have the
    same quality of sound with my audio CD's that I do currently with
    my TV shows and movies (through my existing setup) — or MUST
    I buy an amplifier to hear anything from my audio CD's?

    — and, of course, guidance on WHAT-JACK-WHERE and WHAT-ORDER (re
    signal strength) to maintain the best recording options, including TV
    programs, between the two VCRs?
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    ((New)) CYBERHOME DVD (Player only) w/S-Video jack
    SONY 32" PIP w/S-Video jack
    — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

    I prefer to record (er, things heh) to the 8mm VCR — as opposed to the
    VHS — primarily because the little 8mm cassettes are so much smaller
    than VHS, are quieter, and are just more pleasant to handle. I have a
    ton of movies on my 8mm cassette library, not to mention TV programs.

    My TV's PIP is cabled to select from one of _4_ sources, as follows:
    INPUT 1 8mm
    INPUT 2 (not generally used, these are the jacks on the FRONT of the

    VIDEO OUT ("Input 3") on the VHS —> goes to VIDEO IN ("Input 1") on
    the 8mm

    •^• •^• •^• •^• •^• •^• •^• •^• •^•

    I'll conclude there and hope that I've been precise enough <grin>.
    Many thanks to anyone who would like to help me get this set up to
    make the best use (not perfect, just best) of what I now have.

    Curious Angel, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Yes, you can not utilize this particular feature (not just because of
    the jacks, but the TV has to be progressive capable as well).
    Use the S-Video jack from the DVD player for superior quality playback
    compared to composite (what your VCR's are connected to).
    Depends on the TV. If your TV only has two Video Inputs (1 Composite
    only, 1 S-Video or Composite) you might have to switch between S-Video
    and whatever is plugged into the yellow composite jack.
    I presume it will ply audio CD's just fine without any additional
    devices. If your stereo has digital audio input (either optical or
    coaxial), connect the digital audio out of your DVD player to it for
    DD5.1 (or possibly DTS) sound.
    Nicholas Andrade, Dec 1, 2003
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  3. Curious Angel

    josh Guest

    Yes deffinitly. S-video is only video though, so you will need to use red
    and white composite rca cables for the sound still. The s-video would just
    replace the yellow composite rca cable.
    No they should all work together fine. The only exception would be if the
    s-video was listed on the same input as one of the composite inputs you are
    using for your vcr. For example: video1 has one vcr connected via composite
    rca, video2 has one vcr connected via composite rca, video2 also has the
    only s-video input.
    Cds played on your dvd player will play on whatever you have the audio lines
    hooked up to. Your tv will play them through its speakers if thats what you

    I'm not gonna go over your actuall configuration, cause it was a bit
    confusing to me. I didn't see on your tv description what input the s-video
    is on, but you should be able to plug into that and leave your current
    configuration alone.
    josh, Dec 8, 2003
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