Bye bye Microsoft world! I am selling up!

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by storm808, Sep 8, 2003.

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    Good-bye, I am moving on, its been fun, Bills MCSE did get me the jobs I
    needed and did bring in the money but its time for me to move away from
    all this technology.

    Thanks to everyone (esp Lara) for help with the ups and downs of MS

    I am selling my worldly possessions on Ebay which include my website,
    maybe an upcoming MCSE would give it a good home:

    Thank you for visiting

    I have enjoyed building and running mcse2 for the past three years. In
    particular the questions and feedback from its many visitors has made
    it all worthwhile.

    However, my interests and now my job are moving away from the
    nitty-gritty technical world of networks and servers. I am now working
    increasingly on project and service management.

    I will not be updating my skills to Windows 2003 this year and so will
    be unable to update the website any further.

    So I am now looking for a good home and a new webmaster for the

    The website is to be sold via Ebay.

    Obviously the highest bidder wins! However I am posting this in the
    hope that an MCSE student will continue and develop what I have started
    rather than someone simply buying the domain name because it is well
    established and putting up yet another awful search page!

    Again, thank you for visiting

    Good luck and good-bye,

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    storm808, Sep 8, 2003
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