'Busy Signals' from other then the called number being busy

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Bob Alan, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Bob Alan

    Bob Alan Guest

    Follow Voiper's

    When you get a 'busy signal' from a VOIP call, have any of you checked to
    determine if the called number is actually in use?

    At first I thought my VOIP provider was working flawless. When I got a
    busy signal I just assumed the number I was calling was busy. Then it
    started dawning on me that some of these numbers should never be busy. If
    they're in use, they trip to voice mail.

    Now when I get a busy signal, I try the number using my POTS line. If it
    rings and if I'm not in a hurry, I hang up and hit the re-dial on my voip
    phone. I'm finding that more then half the busy signals I getting when I
    use VOIP go thru when I use POTS

    Has anyone done this test and if so what have you found ?


    Bob Alan, Sep 28, 2005
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  2. Sure. It happens, especially when the voip service provider changes
    their "security" settings and asterisk no longer can connect. I guess
    its a good reason one should check the logs more regularly.

    A good test (especially if you have a blackbox that give you no logs)
    is to call your pots line once in a while and see if things are still

    Wolfgang S. Rupprecht, Sep 28, 2005
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