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Discussion in 'VOIP' started by ubifone, Jul 29, 2005.

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    I'm convinced that I won't be wrong if I say that all of you are looking
    how to reduce your phone bill expenses.

    Maybe some of you did but is any of you being rewarded by doing so?

    I guess no.

    Well, I'm Samuel Kfir-El, an IT consultant with worldwide experience
    (Ireland, France, Israel, Turkey, Cameroon, India).

    Recently I came across a new telecommunication company who holds an
    international telecommunication license and is changing the way the world
    communicates with its

    This company introduced a new concept: 'One World, One Community, One

    The company's products do not require PC connectivity and are compatible
    with Dial Up also and MERGES all kind of communications, IP, mobile and

    The products offered by the company are:

    Global Number
    Worldwide Call Forwarding System
    Member to Member FREE and Unlimited Worldwide Calls
    Call Back Services
    FREE MOBILE Internet Phone Calls (MoVoIP)
    Conference Calls
    Lowest Call Rates (In order to connect non members)
    Retailer Customer Packages
    Soft Phone
    'Call Me Now'/'Call Me Free' button (the version which matches the new
    platform will be released very soon)
    Future Advanced products

    The company offers to anyone to become an Executive Agent or Executive
    Agent Plus and build up his own Worldwide VoIP Telephony Service Provider

    For more details, please do refer to:

    Please feel FREE to contact me on:

    for any further question you may have.

    Kind Regards,

    Samuel Kfir-El


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    ubifone, Jul 29, 2005
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