Business Applications Guru Max Dolgicer Speaks at India's MostInfluential Business Technology Event

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  1. Max Dolgicer has more than 25 years of management and technical
    experience in development and support of Business applications,
    software products and systems internals. An internationally recognized
    expert, Max is Technical Director and principal at International
    System Group, (ISG) Inc a leading consulting firm that specializes in
    design, development and integration of large-scale distributed
    applications using leading edge Middleware technologies. Max is coming
    to Business Technology Sumit 2010 ( to speak about
    all things SOA, on 12 November at the NIHANS Convention Center in
    Bangalore. At the summit, Max covers the following sessions:

    * Managing the SOA Evolution: once a company has completed initial
    SOA projects, the number of deployed services increases such that the
    key question no longer is how to build services, but rather how to
    efficiently govern the development and operation of services on an
    enterprise scale. The focus of SOA shifts to reusability, securing how
    a growing number of clients access the services, and assuring that
    Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met, to name just a few issues. At
    this point companies run the danger that a "free for all" environment
    proliferates, and the benefits of SOA cannot be realized. The key is
    to introduce SOA governance before services spin out of control.
    Managing the evolution of SOA into the cloud with the correct
    governance is the next challenge. This keynote will address: typical
    categories of SOA projects, how SOA Maturity Models and governance
    relate, and how SOA governance needs to be extended when we move
    applications into the cloud

    * A ROI Calculator for SOA: let the Numbers Do the Talking:
    there are many pro and very few con arguments from an engineering
    perspective that make us believe that SOA is a superior approach for
    most application development and integration projects. However,
    nowadays we typically won't get away with brilliant technical
    arguments to justify the transition to SOA. In most cases we will have
    to convince the CFO that there is a positive bottom line result. This
    presentation outlines a ROI model for application development based on
    service reusability in a SOA. It describes how the cost effect of
    reuse can be calculated during the development and the maintenance
    cycle of a portfolio of service oriented business applications. The
    model is based on metrics that have been widely accepted throughout
    the IT industry. The model will then be illustrated by a project where
    multiple business applications have been developed within a SOA that
    employs a foundation of reusable services. This presentation will show
    an overview of a project that is used as an example, a popular ROI
    model that is the basis for the ROI calculation, and the application
    of the model to determine concrete monetary savings.

    * Defining a SOA Roadmap Based on SOA Maturity Model: once a
    company has completed initial SOA projects, the number of deployed
    services increases and the key question no longer is how to build
    services, but rather how to efficiently manage the development and
    operation of services on an enterprise scale. What is needed is a
    concise roadmap that guides the evolution of SOA such that IT can
    deliver the right value at the right time to the business. This
    roadmap has to address multiple dimensions of IT: architecture,
    development processes, applications, information, etc. This
    presentation will outline a model against which the degree of service
    oriented maturity of an organization can be assessed, and a process
    (i.e. the roadmap) for assessing the current and desired degree of
    service maturity of an organization and for developing a plan for how
    to get to the target state. This presentation will show: what SOA
    Maturity Models exist today?, walkthrough of the levels and key
    elements of each level, developing a custom SOA Roadmap and project
    example for mapping a Maturity Model to a Roadmap.

    * Service Oriented Integration (SOI): doing Integration the Right
    Way: IT managers have been under increasing pressure to migrate a
    portfolio of independent “stovepipe” applications to an integrated set
    of business services that can be aligned with changing business
    requirements and support new business processes faster and with
    reduced cost. Today, corporations have to choose from a number of
    integration products (e.g. Enterprise Service Buses) that have quite
    different capabilities, never mind different architectures and
    standards. This seminar starts with a comparison of SOA and event
    based architectures and then outlines the key issues and guidelines
    that architects should consider when defining an integration
    architecture based on services. The key point of the seminar is a case
    study that illustrates how SOA concepts have been applied in a real
    project. It explains the key architectural and design decisions that
    produced an integration architecture and a set of services that were
    reused beyond one particular project. This presentation will show:
    drivers for Service Oriented Integration (SOI), comparing SOA to Event-
    Driven Architecture (EDA), how to evolve from Enterprise Application
    Integration (EAI) to SOA/EDA to SOI, and applying SOI in a project

    Max is a contributing editor for Application Development Trends
    magazine and recognized instructor and presents extensively at major
    industry conferences including Gartner's Web Service and Application
    Integration conferences, Sys-Con's Web Services, XMLOne, XMLDevCon,
    JavaDevCon, e-Business Integration, Java Expo, Component Development,
    GIGA's Middleware Choices, and Comdex.

    Follow the summit on Twitter, here: and

    Saltmarch Media
    Ph: +91 80 4005 1000
    swagat Barman, Oct 22, 2010
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