Bummer problem with youtube

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by [email protected],cueball, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. My ability to see and download youtube videos used to be fine. All of
    a sudden, I find I cannot see nor download youtube stuff any longer.
    Here is the problem in a nutshell.

    Let's say I do a youtube search for Bing Crosby. I end up on the page
    containing Bing's videos, but only the first few thumbnails of his
    music are showing. The rest are an empty frame with no picture.
    When I click on one of the pics which is showing, I get this message:
    "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of
    Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. "

    I do have the latest flash player: 10.0.42,34, and I do have my
    Javascript turned on.

    I have t these addons:
    1-click youtube video downloader 1.1
    Adblock Plus 1.1.1
    Microsoft .Net Frame2work Assistant 1.1

    I had no trouble seeing nor downloading youtube vids with the present
    setup until a few days ago. As far as I can tell, nothing has
    changed. To confuse the situation even more, when I use MS Internet
    Explorer, I get the very same results. As I said, until a day or two
    ago, I had absolutely no problem with youtube. Anyone have any idea
    what the heck happened?
    [email protected],cueball, Jan 5, 2010
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  2. I guess I should have added that I'm using Win XP and Firefox 3.5.6.

    I tried going backward with Mozilla by installing 3.5.2., but I got
    the same result. This is driving me buggy. I cannot figure out what
    in the heck has changed in the last day or two to cause this nonsense.
    [email protected],cueball, Jan 5, 2010
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  3. well, since the problem is also happening with IE, then
    there's nothing wrong with Firefox, and more of your
    connection to youtube. It might be your isp, or it
    could be something you have running in the background,
    such as firewall, virus checkers, spam checkers,
    malware checkers, or even a virus, trojan, malware, or
    something else.

    Try pinging youtube and see what you get. Click on the
    windows start button, then run and enter cmd then hit
    the enter key. A DOS window should popup. Enter this:

    ping youtube.com

    then hit the enter key. What results come up. You
    should get about 4 reply lines. If any of them times
    out, then you've got a problem.

    *IMPORTANT*: Sorry folks, but I cannot provide email

    Warning: Private emails sent to me may become public

    Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon:
    Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Jan 5, 2010
  4. I remembered having a "slight" crash when turning off the comp a few
    days before this problem started, so I went back and reloaded a True
    Image backup that was created a few days before that crash. That did
    it. I have YouTube back and everything's fine again. True Image saved
    my butt again, as it has many times through the years.
    [email protected],cueball, Jan 5, 2010
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