Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by cadmin, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. cadmin

    cadmin Guest

    PLEASE GIVE IT A GO!! IT REALLY WORKS!! I found this on a bulletin

    board and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through US
    and japanese newsgroups, just like you are now in the UK ones, and came
    across an article similar to this that said you could make thousands of
    dollars within weeks with only an initial investment of £6.oo! So I
    thought,Yeah right, this must be a scam, but like most of us, I was curious,
    so I kept reading. Anyway, it said that you have to send £1.00 to each of
    the 6 names and addresses stated in the article. You then place your own
    name and address in the bottom of the list at #6,and post the article in at
    least 200 newsgroups. (There are thousands) No catch, that was it. So after
    thinking it over, and talking to few people first, I thought about trying
    it. I figured what have I got to lose except £6.00,right? Then I invested
    the measly £6.00. Well GUESS WHAT! Within 7 days, I started getting money
    in the mail! I was shocked! I figured it would end soon; but the money just
    kept coming in. In my first week, I made about £50.oo. By the end of the
    second week I had made a total of over £900.oo. In the third week I had over
    £3,000.oo and it' s still growing. This is now my fourth week and I have
    made a total of just over £15,000.oo and it's still coming in rapidly.
    It's certainly worth £6.00,and 6 stamps. Let me tell you how this works and
    most importantly, why it works. Also make sure you print a copy of this
    article NOW, so you can get the information off of it as you need it. I
    promise you that if you follow the directions exactly, that you will start
    making more money than you thought possible by doing something easy!

    this entire message carefully! (Print it out or download it.) Follow
    the simple directions and watch the money come in! It's easy. It's legal.
    And,your investment is only £6.00,(Plus postage). IMPORTANT: This is not a
    rip-off; it is not indecent; it is not illegal; and there is virtually no
    risk - it really works!!!! If all of the following instructions are adhered
    to, you will receive extraordinary dividends. PLEASE NOTE: Please follow
    these directions Exactly, and £15,000 or more can be yours in 20 to 60 days.
    This program remains successful because of the honesty and integrity
    of the participants. Please continue its success by carefully adhering to
    the instructions. You will now become part of the Mail Ordering business.
    In this business your product is not solid and tangible; it's a service.

    You are in the business of developing Mailing Lists. Many large
    corporations are happy to pay big bucks for quality lists. However, the
    money made from the mailing list is secondary income, which is made from
    people like you and me asking to be included in that list. Here are the 4
    easy steps to success:
    STEP 1:Get 6 separate pieces of paper and write the following on each
    piece of paper: PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST. Now get 6 UK £1.00 coins
    and tape ONE to EACH of the 6 pieces of paper. So the coin will not break
    through the envelope. Next, place one paper in each of the 6 envelopes and
    pence stamps should cover it for second class and keep your costs even
    lower). You should now have 6 sealed envelopes, each with a piece of paper
    stating the above phrase, your name and address, and a £1.00 coin.
    What you are doing is creating a service. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are
    requesting a legitimate service and you are paying for it! Like most of us I
    was a little sceptical and a little worried about the legal aspects of it
    all. So I checked it out with the UK Post Office (0845-722-3344) and they
    confirmed that it is indeed legal! Mail the six envelopes to the following

    #1) B. Faye, 60 Wilmers court stracey road London, NW10 8XN
    #2) A.Allmark 18 manor road, oxley, wolverhampton. west midlands WV10

    #3) S.N.Korley, P.O.Box TN 1571,Teshie/Nungua Estates,Accra-Ghana.
    #4) D.Hraig 2 George St. Barnard Castle County Durham DL128JD
    #5) I.Trafford, 6 Tyne Street, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancashire, PR5
    #6) A.Crawshaw, 2-4 Roper Street, Kingston-upon-Hull,Humberside,HU1

    STEP 2: Now take the number 1 name off the list that you see above,
    move the others up 1. (6 becomes 5,5 becomes 4,etc.) And add YOUR name as
    number 6 on the list. STEP 3: Change anything you need to, but try to keep
    this article as close to original as possible. Now, post your amended
    article to at least 200 newsgroups. (I think there are close to 34,000
    groups). All you need is 200,but remember, the more you post, the more money
    ENOUGH STAMPS ON YOUR ENVELOPES. This is perfectly legal! If you have any
    doubts, refer to Title18 Sec. 1302 & 1341 of the Postal lottery laws. Keep a
    copy of these steps for
    yourself and, whenever you need money, you can use it again, and

    PLEASE REMEMBER that this program remains successful because of the
    honesty and integrity of the participants and by their carefully adhering to
    the directions. Look at it this way. If you are of integrity, the program
    will continue and the money that so many others have received will come your
    NOTE: You may want to retain every name and addresses sent to you,
    either on a computer or hard copy and keep the notes people send you. This
    VERIFIES that you are truly providing a service. (Also, it might be a good
    idea to wrap the £1.00 coin in a dark paper to reduce the risk of mail
    So,as each post is downloaded and the directions followed carefully, six
    members will be reimbursed for their participation as a List Developer with
    one pound each. Your name will move up the list geometrically so that when
    your name reaches the #1 position you will be receiving thousands of Pounds
    in CASH!!!! What an opportunity for only £6.00. SEND it now; remember to add
    your own name to the list and you're in business!!!!

    re-type this entire letter to do your own posting. Simply put your cursor to
    the bottom of this document, and select 'copy from the edit menu. This will
    copy the entire letter into the computer's memory. STEP 2) Open a blank
    'notepad' file and place your cursor at the top of the blank page. From the
    'edit' menu select 'paste'. This will paste a copy of the letter into
    notepad so that you can add your name to the list. STEP 3) Save your new
    notepad file as a .txt. file. If you want to do your postings in different
    settings, you always have this file to go back to. STEP 4) Use Netscape or
    Internet Explorer and try searching for various news groups (on-line forums,
    message boards, chat sites, discussions.) STEP 5) Visit these message boards
    and post this article as a new message by highlighting the text of this
    and select paste from the edit menu. Fill in the Subject, this will be
    the header that everyone sees as they scroll through the list of postings in
    a particular group, click the post message button. You're done with your
    first one! Congratulations...THAT'S IT! All you have to do is jump to
    different newsgroups and post away, after you get the hang of it, it will
    take about 30 seconds for each newsgroup! You will begin receiving money
    from around the world within days!.

    ** Now the WHY part: Out of 200 postings, say you receive only 10

    replies (a
    very low example of 5%). So then you make £10.00 with your name at #6
    on the letter. Now, each of the 10 persons who just sent you £1.00 make the
    MINIMUM 200 postings, each with your name at #5 and only 10 persons respond
    to each of the original 10,that is another £100 for you, now those 100 each
    make a MINIMUM 200 with your name at #4 and only receive 10 replies each,
    you will make an additional £1000. OK, now here is the fun part, each of
    those 1000 persons post a MINIMUM 200 letters with your name at #3 and they
    each only receive 10 replies, that just made you £10,000!!!! Those 10,000
    persons will
    all deliver this message to 200 newsgroups with your name at #2 and if
    still 10 people per 200 newsgroups react, you will receive £100,000 if you
    half the response by the time your name gets to number 1 in the list or
    worst case scenario. you halve that again! (Only 2.5 responses per
    newsgroup) you are still due £250,000 in the post. With an original
    investment of only £6.00. AMAZING!!!! If you think this one is good.. by
    then you will be an experienced winner. The thing to remember is: do you
    realize that thousands of people all over the world are joining the Internet
    (over 16 Million in the UK alone) and reading these articles everyday? JUST
    LIKE YOU are now!!
    So can you afford £6.00 and see if it really works? I think so...
    People have said, what if the plan is played out and no one sends you the
    money? So what!!!! What are the chances of that happening when there are
    tons of new honest users and newsgroups everyday and are willing to give it
    a try? Estimates are at 20,000 to 50,000 users everyday, with thousands of
    those joining the actual Internet. Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and
    this will really work. GOODLUCK in YOUR NEW BUSINESS....
    cadmin, Jan 25, 2004
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  2. cadmin

    °Mike° Guest

    Abuse reports to:

    °Mike°, Jan 25, 2004
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  3. cadmin

    Boomer Guest

    Spam report id 630061454 sent to:
    Spam report id 630061457 sent to:
    Spam report id 630061460 sent to:
    Boomer, Jan 25, 2004
  4. cadmin

    Ionizer Guest

    Spam report id 630083438 sent to:
    Spam report id 630083439 sent to:
    Spam report id 630083440 sent to:
    Ionizer, Jan 25, 2004
  5. cadmin

    Rob K Guest

    cadmin wrote:

    Spam report id 630100488 sent to:
    Spam report id 630100498 sent to:
    Spam report id 630100501 sent to:
    Rob K, Jan 25, 2004
  6. cadmin

    Voodoo Guest

    I have noticed that a few posters in this NG religiously post replies
    to each and every SPAM message indicating that they have filed abuse
    reports, yet the volume of SPAM in this group hasn't seemed to
    diminish one bit as a reult of these efforts. If anything, the SPAM
    has seemed to be increasing lately.

    So my question is, "why bother?" Aren't you simply wasting more
    bandwidth and calling more undue attention to these spammers?

    Your efforts are obviously not working. So please don't take up
    additional space in this group with your fruitless replies to these
    Voodoo, Jan 25, 2004
  7. cadmin

    °Mike° Guest

    I have personally received 7 confirmations of nuked
    accounts, this week. THAT disputes your assertion
    that it isn't working, or worth it.
    °Mike°, Jan 25, 2004
  8. cadmin

    Rob K Guest

    Voodoo wrote:
    My opinion: Each spammer 'killed', ISP-wise of course, is one less.

    No. Sending abuse reports calls *due* attention to spammmers, again,
    ISP-wise and more.
    No. Your conclusion is wrong. See ºMikeº's reply.

    Unfortunately, 'new' spammers can still spam, in other words,
    preventing spamming itself is impossible.
    Rob K, Jan 25, 2004
  9. cadmin

    Mara Guest

    I wondered why "Voodoo" was trying to play moduhrator, myself. I didn't see the
    original post but just your reply, so I did a search of my bozo bin, and sure

    And then:

    Searched Groups for group:24hoursupport.helpdesk author:Voodoo
    author:<>. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Search took 0.51

    That would explain the intense cluelessness, but h/sh/it's been binned here long
    enough that I'd totally forgotten about it Morph?

    "Although I can't remember for sure, I'm betting that's how he got in the 13th
    <MOMMMIE! They're not posting what I want them to!>
    Mara, Jan 25, 2004
  10. cadmin

    °Mike° Guest

    Actually, I lied... it's eight. :)

    °Mike°, Jan 25, 2004
  11. cadmin

    Boomer Guest

    No to 'each and every'!
    So one should close their eyes and let the spammers take over.
    Kids just got their new holiday gifts. ;)

    BTW this group is high on the numeric list of group.
    Do *you* think that might way it gets hit so often??
    Why bother reporting any 'crime'? Or putting notices up?
    They do work!!!!
    No. You shouldn't take up space on usenet.
    Turn a blind eye and go away.
    Boomer, Jan 25, 2004
  12. cadmin

    Voodoo Guest

    It seems that I am not allowed to voice a contrary opinion. If you had
    simply disagreed with the content of what I said, like Mike did, I
    would not object, but just because I say something that goes against
    the way "you" think it should be, you decide to look in your bozo bin
    and also search this ng for any previous messages that I might have
    posted here.

    Why are you trying to dig up dirt on me just because you disagree with
    what I said? Don't you have anything better to do with you time?

    And of course, in you smugness and self righteousness, if I say
    something that "you" disagree with that means that I am "clueless."
    And then without anything whatsoever to back up your claim, you hint
    that I might be another poster who has morphed. That's just not true,
    and I would appreciate it that if in the future if you decide to
    accuse me of such a thing you either provide proof or shut up, one or
    the other. You see, contrary to what you might think, you personally
    do not own the usenet even though you apparently think that you do. In
    fact, you don't impress me one bit and I doubt if you impress many
    others either.

    What a laugh.
    Voodoo, Jan 25, 2004
  13. cadmin

    Voodoo Guest

    I understand that Mike, but what good does it do when those nuked
    accounts are simply replaced with others that do the same thing? You
    can set up a new account in a few minutes if you want to.

    Plus, why is it always necessary to tell everyone that you reported
    the abuse? If you want to report it, go ahead, but why do you have to
    tell everybody else about it? And after all, the spammer himself
    probably doesn't even come back to the group to read your message.

    The bottom line is that we are losing the war against SPAM, and it
    doesn't do any good for you to try to hold your finger in the hole in
    the dike. It just isn't working because even though you do get some
    accounts nuked, the sheer volume of SPAM continues to increase anyway.
    I think it makes far more sense to simply ignore it. I don't like SPAM
    any more than you do, but I am not going to waste my time with
    fruitless efforts.

    Mara may wish to call me "clueless," but IMO I am making a reasoned
    Voodoo, Jan 25, 2004
  14. cadmin

    Mara Guest

    Excellent. :)
    Funny how that works, isn't it? LOL I forgot who Voodoo was - the nic didn't
    even ring any bells - but I remember the IP from the machine in the network at
    work that sent the Klez file to my boss's computer Wed.-Fri. last week. VERY
    clearly. Every morning, when he fired up his system, there it was.

    I installed eTrust on his machine quite some time ago, which nuked it. Everyone
    else running XP is running the "N" word. Which explains a lot. He'll get more
    this week, of course, and then I'll have to pitch a fit to the hospital

    "Stupid people think that if they're behind a router (Cisco) they're safe. Time
    for some education, looks like."
    Mara, Jan 25, 2004
  15. cadmin

    °Mike° Guest

    No, you don't.
    What does it matter if the thief that stole your car
    doesn't get reported, or punished? There's still more
    thieves out there, but hey, what the heck, eh?
    I very rarely do, but it is a reminder that spammers in
    this group *will* get larted.
    See above.
    So, everybody should ignore it, then? That's your answer?
    Not true. SPAM is being squeezed. Only slowly, but it is
    being squeezed -- you've only got to look at Hotmail.
    Then go away and bury your head in the sand.
    That's patently not true, otherwise you would do something
    about it -- sitting on the fence, while other people do the
    dirty work is just laziness.
    Only fruitless to a pessimist.

    °Mike°, Jan 25, 2004
  16. cadmin

    ICee Guest

    on notice to:

    A compliant complaint has been sent.
    ICee, Jan 25, 2004
  17. cadmin

    Paul - xxx Guest

    Voodoo posted ...
    No you don't .. hence your further comments.
    Yup, but it's something they _have_ to do and is a pain in the ass.
    Anything that gives spammers a pain in the ass is a 'good thing', IMHO.
    If you check what you're replying about you'll notice that of the many spam
    reports posted there are many from many different posters. Some report spam
    frequently without posting about it, but most, if not all, spam posts have
    at least one, maybe two or more reports of LART's sent. This _does_
    discourage a minority of spammers and also says that this group (TINTG)
    generally doesn't tolerate and doesn't agree with spamming.
    Bullshit. It's slowly getting better.
    I suppose ignoring a burglar [1] in your home will also make him go away.
    Spam reports, correctly placed to the real ISP's or newsservers are not
    'fruitless efforts'. The more spam reports received, the more chance of a
    particular spammer getting nuked big stylee ...
    I would agree with Mara .. but then she is someone with clue .. especially
    in this regard.

    Paul - xxx, Jan 25, 2004
  18. cadmin

    Mara Guest

    It is also a way of furnishing the abuse addresses to those who would send in
    complaints, but don't know how to read headers to find the proper place(s) to do

    In any case, we (tinw) have no need to justify doing so. "Voodoo" can either
    learn to live with it, use his killfile, or continue to whinge about it and end
    up in other killfiles. Like mine. :) He can also go to nanae and tell that to
    the people over there and see what they say. I don't think he'd last very long
    if he subscribed and told the Admins there that they need to stop fighting abuse
    on their networks. <bg>

    "I'm sure you know what I mean. LOL"

    Mara, Jan 25, 2004
  19. cadmin

    °Mike° Guest

    Yes, that's correct.

    °Mike°, Jan 25, 2004
  20. cadmin

    Mara Guest

    Why, thank you. :)

    "I know my boss thinks so. That's why I get paid outrageous sums of cash
    (.00023/yr.) to do my jobs."
    Mara, Jan 25, 2004
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