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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by drftnc240jm, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    I have a general idea of what I should be doing but am hoping that people on here can correct things I may be mistaken about and clarify a few things I have questions about. As the title says, I am looking to build a WLAN between two buildings that are roughly 350ft apart from each other. Building A has the modem and router. Building B is the location that needs to be added to the network.
    Background Info:
    - I should be able to get a direct line of sight between the antenna mounting locations on Bldg. A and Bldg. B.
    - Bldg. A and Bldg. B have interior soundproof walls which diminish the wireless signal strength drastically.
    - There is a road between the two buildings, so wired is not an option.
    - Have the wireless portion of the network be Wireless-N
    - Setup a WLAN in Bldg. A and then extend it to Bldg. B (Bldg. B will have to be able to access and modify documents that are on the Windows Home Server in Bldg. A)
    - Have WPA2-PSK security
    - Hide the SSID
    - Have a guest account setup that does not allow access to the LAN only internet access
    - Have the guest account accessible in both buildings
    The Setup
    - Bldg. A will have: modem (provided by at&t) ----> router (HWRN1A) ----> WAP (HWABN1) ----> directional antenna (HAO14SDP) mounted outdoors
    - Bldg. B will have: directional antenna (HAO14DSP) mounted outdoors ----> WAP (HWABN1) in bridge mode ----> WAP (HWABN1)
    - Will this setup allow information to transfer to and from each building?
    - Will there be any mac address issues with running a bridge? (I have read stories of people having issues with connecting to the internet and network when a bridge is involved)
    - Will the guest account be accessible in both buildings with this setup?
    - Can everything in the WLAN be protected via WPA2-PSK? (guest account does not need to be protected)
    - Should I use products other than HawkingTech? (I have heard customer service is terrible)

    Any recommendations, answers and/or critiques would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
    drftnc240jm, Feb 24, 2011
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