BudgeTone-102 purchased. Great phone, wrong choice !

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by NewsAcc, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. NewsAcc

    NewsAcc Guest

    I bit the bullet after lengthy threads below (about buying a SIP phone, ATA
    or PC Headset), and got a BudgeTone-102 from ebay (£46 all in). Used with
    Sipgate (rightly or wrongly) I simply cant fault the quality. I cannot find
    any delay what-so-ever and the people I have spoken to seem to think its
    like a normal line (most people think its better which I suspect its because
    my normal DECT phone is poor quality). I was intending to use this as a
    business phone/line (maybe changing provider as Sipgate just dont seem to
    have the reliability that I have witnessed). However, I have just spotted a
    few MAJOR drawbacks of the device, which of course, I should have looked
    into before the purchase ! I assumed they would have come as standard, but
    I was wrong.

    1. When I receive a missed call, there is no indicator (LCD or otherwise) to
    tell me so. Instead, I have to pick up the phone and press the 'callers'
    button to see the last caller. It doesnt even tell me what time they
    called. Any free softphone has this as standard (Sjphone has fantastic
    missed call notification/management).

    2. No server side answerphone notification. To be honest, I didnt expect it
    could do this as the server side would have to somehow send a notification
    to it so something could flash etc.

    3. No local phonebook ? Instead I have to use Sipgates two digit quickdial
    server side numbers and write them on a small piece of card stuck to the
    phone (err, not very good...)

    Both of the above are essential for use as a business phone for me so I can
    view missed calls quickly or see if someone has left a message. I can now
    see the MAJOR benefit of an ATA (which I couldnt before). I would be able
    to use the full standard missed call notification/messaging services of a
    DECT phone (including the DECT phone answer machine instead of Sipgates
    server side 30% German one !) together with excellent phonebook management
    AND get a couple of wireless phones to boot ! Price wise, a Logitech ATA is
    about £35 and a twin Dectphone pack from Argos is about the same. So the
    whole setup will be about £30 more expensive, but infinately better as far
    as I can see.

    As a cheap alternative, I could always run SJPhone on my PC to view the
    missed calls and of course, Sipgate send their voicemails as email
    attachments. Bit of overkill though.

    Dont get me wrong. The BT-102 is a CRACKING phone though. I cant
    understand why there is no delay on the phone, whereas softphones always
    seem to have a 'slight' delay.
    NewsAcc, Jun 26, 2005
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  2. NewsAcc

    Ian Guest

    firstly dont forget the BT range was designed as a domestic set for mass
    yep this is a big drawback

    Message notification should work. This must be a problem with your supplier.
    what should happen is that the display will flash. You then need to pogram
    the address of the voicemail into the BT, Then when you press message it
    dials the VM
    Nope, I think it has very limited memory
    As mentioned before this is not a business phone, Look at the sipura 841 if
    your budget is limited or the snom if you have a bit more or Cicso, Mitel
    etc if you want a full business set , But expect to pay business prices.
    Prices will start at £150+vat for a true business set.
    Its horses for courses. but a business set lets you have multiple lines etc.
    a ATA and dect wont.
    its down to coding and decoding . the phone only has this one task a pc is
    doing lots more besides

    Ian, Jun 26, 2005
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  3. Like running worms and spyware, yes. The combination of Windows, x86
    architecture, and PC sound cards do not lend themselves to low-latency
    applications, of which VoIP is one.

    Devices like ATAs and VoIP phones do in fact normally run some sort of
    task-switching operating system. After all, you can make a phone call
    *and* look at the configuration pages with a web browser on them. That
    they do this job well shows that they don't run Windows :)
    Peter Corlett, Jun 26, 2005
  4. NewsAcc

    Martin² Guest

    For what its worth you can see your missed calls on your Sipgate webpage.
    Martin², Jun 27, 2005
  5. NewsAcc

    NewsAcc Guest

    For what its worth you can see your missed calls on your Sipgate webpage.
    Thanks Martin, this is great, but I will have the phone in a different room
    to the computer. I will be in and out of the house all day and I simply
    want to come home, glance at the phone to see if there are any
    messages/missed calls. I dont want to go into the other room, log on, and
    login to the webpage each time. For me, an ATA with a DECT phone is the
    NewsAcc, Jun 27, 2005
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