BT Total Broadband vs BT Business Total

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by John Y, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. John Y

    John Y Guest

    As a home based small business, my wife & I, we use the web almost
    constantly. We are currently on a BT 2Mb broadband service & are
    considering upgrading to 8Mb. However, the small print on the BT Total
    (option 3) sign-up Ts & Cs excludes use for businesses. With more
    searching BT Business Total Broadband (Option 2) appears to do pretty
    much the same.

    What's the deal here - is there any issue for a small business using
    the BT Total service? What are the risks? What are the benefits of the
    business vs home services? What would happen if they realised I was
    using it for business. Is my assumption that I am probably already
    using the service 'incorrectly' correct?

    John Y, Jan 27, 2007
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  2. John Y

    Brian A Guest

    I couldn't answer your query specifically but it is possible that a
    home based business would be OK. Many companies separate 'Small Office
    and Home ' from business tafiffs. It might be worth phoning BT with a
    general query, not mentioning your name, and ask them their policy on

    Remove 'no_spam_' from email address.
    Brian A, Jan 27, 2007
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  3. John Y

    Pete Guest

    Don't know about BT but with cable (telewest) when I requested a cable
    conection about 5 years ago questions had to be asked and there was a
    lot of head scratching.

    Reason was (is) that at our shop has a 3 bedroom flat above it with no
    seperate access from the shop. council tax was paid on the flat and
    business rates on the shop, but we wanted cable tv in the flat and
    broadband in the shop. In the end we told them we wanted all services to
    the flat but they'd have to install the modem in the shop as that was
    the only computer in the building.
    They agreed and that was that.

    All I am getting at is if they charge a premium for a "business"
    connection but it is going to your home and a domestic service offers
    the same then go for the domestic service. In my opinion anything run
    from a domestic premisis is domestic use.

    How many people have turned to e-bay as a new-found source of self

    I believe the ISP providers "claim" to give business connections the
    highest priority for repairs but in reality things rarely go wrong, and
    if they do it's something that effects a whole area/region in which case
    you just have to twiddle your thumbs until it's sorted regardless of
    your business status.

    Pete , Feb 2, 2007
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