BT Internet - Outlook - Collecting email

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by turboaceman, May 4, 2006.

  1. turboaceman

    turboaceman Guest

    Does anyone else have difficulty configuring MS Outlook 2002 to send
    and receive email from BT Internet Accounts.

    I've configured Outlook having translated the Outlook Express settings
    to match Outlook 2002. However I'm still unable to collect or send
    email via my router. Interestingly it works OK with Gmail
    turboaceman, May 4, 2006
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  2. turboaceman

    Whiskers Guest

    Do the same settings work in OE with BTInternet?

    There are instructions for setting up MS Outlook: log in to your webmail
    page and click on Options - POP Access and Forwarding - POP Settings -
    Setting up Microsoft Outlook.

    I think the only POP/SMTP changes since BTOpenworld became BT Yahoo are
    that SMTP now requires 'authentication' even if you connect with a BT ISP
    account, and that the mail servers now don't offer the 'secure' connection
    optioins they used to.

    (I confess that I don't use OE or Outlook, or Windows; POP and SMTP work
    OK for my BTInternet email account using KMail in Mandriva Linux - and not
    usually from a BT ISP account either).
    Whiskers, May 4, 2006
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