BT Home Hub 3 fading issue

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Biggles, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Biggles

    Biggles Guest

    Just a heads up really, in case anyone here is similarly affected.

    There seems to be a problem affecting users of BT Home Hub 3s. The WiFi
    download speed fades to a fraction of normal (e.g. between 1-2MBit/s
    rather than the normal 20+Mbit/s). Wired connections work at normal
    speed so it's not a problem with the Broadband line itself. Restarting
    the HH3 or resetting to factory defaults restores the speed but it then
    fades away over a period of some hours.

    Needless to say, reporting the fault to BT Technical Support gets you
    connected to offshore and supplied with somewhat useless suggestions
    such as :

    (1) I think there is a fault on your line so I've asked for your line to
    be checked. Two days then pass while the line is checked. Your line
    checks out OK. I had already checked that the bandwidth on the line was
    still good.

    (2) Please change the channel as my colleague requested (the colleague
    didn't request anything). I had already tried changing the channel (from
    smart mode to a fixed channel number) and it had the same effect as
    restarting the HH3 - speed goes up to normal, then fades over a period
    of a few hours.

    (3) Please suggest a time that we can call you for an "interactive
    session" because it is a complex issue. I suggested two days/times and
    they didn't call. I don't know what they intended to do - perhaps ask me
    to do something as complicated as restarting the HH3 (which would
    increase the speed for a few hours), which of course I had already done.

    The daft thing about this is that the HH3 is smart - it homes in on the
    least congested channel, and I've observed it on various different
    channels (mainly 1,6 and 11) over a period of time. BT's help page even
    advises against switching off smart mode!

    This thread on a BT Community Forum is where most of the discussion on
    this issue is taking place:

    The moderators, who are possibly not offshore, seem to have a degree of
    technical expertise (sadly lacking in the main BT Technical Support) and
    appear to be taking steps to sort it out. From what the posters on this
    Forum say, the problem started a few weeks ago, so perhaps there is an
    age-related hardware fault? It's not obviously firmware as the firmware
    is dated August 2013.
    Biggles, Mar 7, 2015
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  2. Biggles

    Kraftee Guest

    I would tend to agree with you for 2 reasons and one of those is the WIFI
    service they deliver (or should I say don't). To fix mine I went with
    external WIFI units (ended up with using Apple Airport devices, yes I know
    some on here will just shake their heads at that but it cured the problem) 1
    in my office which is surrounded by 'Mylar' type insulation (a silver foil
    and glass fibre sandwich) with a cable to another one, positioned next to an
    audio device so I can easily stream music using Apple Airtime.
    Kraftee, Mar 7, 2015
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