BT could disable protection

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richardbardsley, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. I run avg, if they disabled that then I would have no knowledge of them
    installing a dialler would I?
    It would be childs play for them to do that.
    richardbardsley, Nov 17, 2005
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  2. richardbardsley

    tab Guest

    tab, Nov 17, 2005
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  3. richardbardsley

    Swiss Tony Guest

    BT do not send any software, they provide the connection.
    Any dialler that gets on your pc, comes from sites you have visited.
    This could be porn/cracks/warez sites or even some normal sites.
    They can get on without the user ever knowing, as you have found out.
    As has been said before, the best thing to do would be to download some
    spyware removal software like spybot search and destroy or lavasoft
    Another peice of software which may be of use is spyware blaster, this
    blocks a lot of advert sites and stuff.
    You could even download google toolbar to stop popups.

    When i first started using the internet, i got some random dialer on my
    system, luckily my modem was crap and made the loudest noise when dialing so
    i had chance to pull the lead out the wall.

    Swiss Tony, Nov 17, 2005
  4. richardbardsley

    Evan Platt Guest

    Good for you. Want a cookie?
    And how would the phone company disable your anti-virus program?
    You are truly a dolt.
    Evan Platt, Nov 17, 2005
  5. Permanent or session? :)
    Blinky the Shark, Nov 17, 2005
  6. richardbardsley

    EricP Guest

    Isn't that being a teensy-weensy bit mild?
    New standards in idiocy are being set here. I am taking notes, for
    future reference.
    EricP, Nov 17, 2005
  7. richardbardsley

    PC Guest


    There have been lots of posts and replies over your 'BT charges' and
    'Dialer' issue that have tried to 'explain' to you why you are unlikely to
    succeed in getting your BT charges dismissed. Most have assumed you have at
    least a reasonable knowledge of how things work on a PC.
    Looking at this post however I detect limited knowledge on your part as to
    how and why things happen on your PC. I say this not to 'criticize you but
    to ask you stop and 'reflect' on your 'understanding' of how computers and
    the Internet work.

    The scenario you propose above is basically untenable because a 'dialer' is
    not classed as a Virus, therefore AV programs do not scan for Dialers. Ergo
    why bother disabling something which is not going to stop it anyway.
    Secondly the 'Dialer' would have come from a site entirely disassociated
    from BT over which they have absoutely no control. Lastly most of these
    'Dialers' need an 'OK' somewhere along the line to install, yes they can be
    very sneaky and often obfuscate the real meaning of the results from
    clicking this button or that button.
    With this explanation(!) you can now see why I suggest reviewing how
    computers and the internet work. Google is an excellent way to find
    information, for example type 'dialer' into the search window.

    Unfortunatley learning about 'dialers' is one of lifes online 'lessons'
    It's like learning you get wet if you stand in the rain, sunburnt if you
    stand in the sun, cut if you handle a sharp knife.
    All of these have a 'solution' which you learn about i.e. raincoat,
    sunscreen and scabbard.
    Some folk will see/learn/sense the solution before they get 'burnt' so to
    speak, most of us learn the hard way on at least one of these before we
    learn the necessary level of caution.

    So you are still 'steamed up' and still feel it's not your fault. Yes I
    would be 'brassed off' with such an unexpected Phone bill.
    But like having our new car 'written off' or the new crystal jug 'smashed'
    or (I hate this one) knocking the paint tin over on the carpet, it's all
    part of 'life'.
    All of these have a cause or something at 'fault' even someone to 'blame'.
    Does it 'fix' it? no, but they do help us 'learn' how to avoid the same
    problem again.

    Just my 2c worth
    PC, Nov 17, 2005
  8. They are a internet provider, they could easily put anything on your
    I cant see how you and others cant understand that.
    Its basic commonsense.Surely thats obvious?
    richardbardsley, Nov 17, 2005
  9. richardbardsley

    Dan Evans Guest

    How, pray, do you arrive at the conclusion that providing a 4 small copper
    cables to your house controls your computer?
    And you're basing this gem on what exactly? Personally, I blame the
    electricity company - your computer is connected to the electricty more than
    the phone. That and they let you plug things in, very irresponsible of them
    I reckon.


    Posted via TITANnews - Uncensored Newsgroups Access-=Every Newsgroup - Anonymous, UNCENSORED, BROADBAND Downloads=-
    Dan Evans, Nov 17, 2005
  10. richardbardsley

    Ben Jones Guest

    Are people still biting for this? this bloke can;t be for real...nobody's
    that thick really! really...they can't be...can they?

    Ben Jones, Nov 17, 2005
  11. richardbardsley

    DC Guest

    C'mon, guys. Don't be so hard on the guy.

    His suspicions of BT are not entirely without merit. After all, if mere
    pimply-faced hacker kids can do *this*, than surely the elite minds at BT can
    plant a simple dialer app on one of their own clients' PCs.

    Don't back down, Richard. You might want to upgrade to a Kevlar anti-glare
    shield for your monitor, though. Can't be too careful these days...

    Good luck, brother.
    DC, Nov 17, 2005
  12. richardbardsley

    Rich Wilson Guest

    Rich Wilson, Nov 17, 2005
  13. richardbardsley

    TNKEV Guest

    and also a good wrapping of tin foil around the cranium,I never surf
    without mine,I am thinking of adding a ground wire
    attached to the ground on my utility pole so the bad stuff just goes
    in the ground instead of being deflected and
    possibly harming someone else.
    TNKEV, Nov 17, 2005
  14. You get more effective protection hooking it up to one of the live phase
    wires instead of the ground.
    =?ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F4g=EAr?=, Nov 17, 2005
  15. richardbardsley

    TNKEV Guest

    do you know wich side of the outlet on my wall is the ground? kinda
    leary because I am not sure,I think it's the fatter side.

    if I could figure that out it wouldn't take as much wire and it would
    be more portable.
    TNKEV, Nov 17, 2005
  16. BT is an ISP in its own right, not just a phone company and is perfectly
    capable of putting diallers on any clients machine.
    And dont I know it.
    richardbardsley, Nov 17, 2005
  17. richardbardsley

    Mitch Guest

    Actually, it isn't.
    You see, the computer activities aren't commanded from just any
    direction, where anything they send is automatically assembled at your
    And the internet connection isn't built just like a pipe, where
    anything BT puts into the flow goes right to you.

    Internet connections are smart, identified routings of packages, and
    each one is supposed to go to specific areas, so the computer can build
    meaningful things out of them (that's why it can assemble many parts of
    a Web page at the same time; all the packages are asked for at your
    end, then delivered in multiple tagged pieces, and assembled at your

    Even if BT did start sending extra data down the line, your computer
    couldn't do anything with it, because the packages weren't requested
    and they have no controlling software.

    BT CANNOT just send anything they want onto your computer!
    Mitch, Nov 18, 2005
  18. richardbardsley

    Mitch Guest

    Major point -- outsiders do not have the ability to disable software at
    your end. if they could, no one would have a use for anti-virus
    protection, right?
    Diallers are not viruses. Anti-virus software does not provide any
    protection from diallers.
    Why do you guess that? They don't have access to your computer merely
    because they are connected to it!
    Mitch, Nov 18, 2005
  19. richardbardsley

    Yddap Guest

    Dickie Mint -- gan yam sexually!
    Yddap, Nov 18, 2005
  20. TNKEV quacked like a deranged mallard in 24hoursupport.helpdesk:

    I use a good length of 750MCM cable to the ground on my utility pole. The
    only problem I have is that I need a chain hoist to keep my head upright, but
    I haven't heard any alien voices in my head since I ran that ground.
    The Old Sourdough, Nov 18, 2005
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