BSOD in ksthunk.sys when attempting kernel streaming audio

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by ubfusion, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. ubfusion

    ubfusion Guest

    Please provide any feedback regarding the feasibility of audio output
    by bypassing windows mixer and using either Kernel Streaming audio or
    ASIO4ALL drivers in WinXP Pro 64 bit. The objective is bitperfect
    SPDIF pass-through to to external AV receiver.

    I have been reading for 2 weeks everything available on the issue (very
    scarce info on x64 XP though), and attempted several OS **clean**
    installs, using official and non-official drivers, every time with the
    same result: blue screens caused by ksthunk.sys, immediately after

    a) using latest Winamp with kernel streaming output plugin, or
    b) attempting to run latest Asio4All offline settings panel

    However, the system can happily play via SPDIF Dolby Surround DVDs, AC3
    xvid/divx, and some ac3 audio files (but not all ac3, neither Dolby or
    DTS wavs) using VLC, ffdshow and AC3 filter.

    Can XP Pro x64 do kernel streaming, or is it a hardware issue? If you
    need more details on the problem, I'd be happy to provide them.

    System: Intel E6300 CPU on Asus P5B-VM, onboard Intel HD Audio (Analog
    Devices AD1988b)
    ubfusion, Nov 29, 2006
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  2. ubfusion

    Shad4Ever Guest

    Newer Creative Sound Cards have x64 ASIO Drivers (using it on Win2003

    Audigy, Extigy & xFi have native 64 bits windows 2003 drivers (don't
    install the cd, get the newer drivers from

    The Audigy 2 value run just fine and cost less than 40$

    They play @ 96Khz/24bit/5.1, they also are THX Certified, and they can
    play/record bit precise stream with a latency of 30ns
    Shad4Ever, Sep 11, 2007
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