Brrrrrrrrrrr! florida chill

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richard, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. richard

    richard Guest

    I came down to florida to get out of the wisconsin cold, snowy, weather
    and here I am expecting it to snow any minute in kissimmee. Looks like a
    perfect day to hit the beach.
    richard, Dec 4, 2007
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  2. Kind of hard to receive snowfall at 60 degrees isn't it?
    Ctrl¤/Alt¤/Del, Dec 5, 2007
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  3. richard

    Ryka Guest

    Someone from Wisconsin thinking this is "cold"???? It's a little "cool" but
    certainly not cold to any snowbird!! You're just jealous that we have this
    lovely weather! ;-)
    Ryka, Dec 5, 2007
  4. richard

    dadiOH Guest

    Florida has two seasons...too hot and too cold.



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    dadiOH, Dec 5, 2007
  5. richard

    Plato Guest

    I disagree. Florida has two seasons, too hot and california ...
    Plato, Dec 5, 2007
  6. richard

    Viruschecker Guest

    Plato wrote:

    Hey! California has four, flood, mud, and drought.
    Viruschecker, Dec 5, 2007
  7. richard

    Evan Platt Guest

    You forgot Riot.
    Evan Platt, Dec 5, 2007
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