broadband networking ~ do isp's charge?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by SIXTHPISTOL, Sep 24, 2004.



    Hi there
    If I ever manage to set up my wireless network adapter, my son will be
    surfing the net with blueyonder broadband. I've just been informed that they
    may charge for a second user to surf using our broadband access. Does
    anyone know if this is correct?? How would blueyonder know that someone else
    was using the net if its all from the same connection?
    Thanks in advance.
    SIXTHPISTOL, Sep 24, 2004
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    Jamco Guest

    maybe if you called them up and told them that your going to set it up to a
    second computer, but other then that they wont know what your doing
    Jamco, Sep 24, 2004
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    Belkin (network adapter manufacturer) seem to think that Blueyonder would
    have to configure our connection to allow a second user to connect, as he
    would be surfing different sites at the same time as us.
    Don't know if this is right. If it is, is there any way to get around
    having to let Blueyonder know and therefore be able to extort more money out
    of us??
    SIXTHPISTOL, Sep 24, 2004

    Andy Kelly Guest

    I won't confess to being some sort of an expert but if you have your cable
    modem connected to your first PC, set up Internet Connection Sharing with
    DHCP enabled and then connect your second PC, you would only need one IP
    address from Blueyonder and both PCs could surf the internet independently.
    I can't see how Blueyonder would know you have more than 1 PC connected.
    Andy Kelly, Sep 24, 2004

    Jamco Guest

    if you buy a hub, you would require 2 IP address, perhaps you only get one
    now, so you would have to buy a second one. If you bought a router, it can
    split one IP address into several IP address. This would work for you, and
    you won't have to contact your ISP. The other way is to use windows to
    setup internet connection sharing, then plug the internet into the first
    computer, and put a second network card in it, and connect it to the second
    Trust me, you wouldn't need to pay to get a second, thrid, fourth....
    computer hooked up, unless you want them to split your IP address for you
    Jamco, Sep 24, 2004

    Jamco Guest

    i used to work for comcast, and we would tell people that they could only
    hook up 1 computer unless they paid to get a second IP was a
    complete lie, but comcast just wanted more money :)
    Jamco, Sep 24, 2004

    why? Guest

    Isn't that the 2nd connection i.e. 2nd IP address for the xbox setups?
    You should checkout the BY newsgroups, and
    Maybe they should review thier title text?

    "Stop playing with yourself …. "
    Well it's fairly difficult for 1 PC to flood the 3MB link when
    downloading. However with 4 or more PCs downloading it's easy to
    flatline the incoming 3MB.

    Maybe by http proxy logs, it would be very strange for a single PC to be
    looking at topically very different sites usually. Although several
    people browsing may be.

    Otherwise I would think not.

    why?, Sep 24, 2004

    why? Guest

    BY only provide 1 connection and 1 IP (dynamic) for home use. The xbox
    pagkage looks to be different.
    Use a router (or 2 works for me) with that sort of setup the Wireless
    laptop, 4 PCs wired, PC wireless, PC/Printserver (wired soon to be
    wireless) all work.

    why?, Sep 24, 2004
  9. Yep, NTL tried that one, they included a ban on networking 2 or more PC's to
    the same connection in their TOS, but eventually dropped it and sulkily
    replaced it with something about "you can do it but if anything goes wrong,
    don't come running to us". I don't see the problem; if like me, you're
    allocated 1mb of bandwidth, you can only share that 1mb between however many
    PC's you have connected.
    mentalguy2004, Sep 24, 2004

    Jamco Guest

    yup, if someone called in and said their internet wasn't working, if they
    said they had a hub or router, my response would be, ok we don't cover that,
    you'll have to unplug and hook internet directly to a pc, thanks for calling
    Jamco, Sep 24, 2004

    Yddap Guest

    Belkin have their knickers in a twist !
    blueyonder do not mind if you have a router
    Only thing is they do not support routers
    If you have trouble with your connection you will have to remove your router
    before faultfinding
    By have a NG "blueyonder.self-help,networking"
    Suggest you log in to it

    BY User
    Remove my guts to reply
    Yddap, Sep 24, 2004

    Jim Berwick Guest

    At my job we do not support routers either, but we aren't retarded and just
    say "Unplug it or we can't help". If the modem has no sync, plugging it
    directly into the computer is a waste of time. If there are other problems
    on the circuit that are detectable and clearly the fault's cause, it's also
    a waste.
    Jim Berwick, Sep 24, 2004

    Jamco Guest

    yes, at comcast, the MOST important thing was to keep your call time down,
    NOT to solve the problem, so basically you'd find any excuse to hang up on
    them, and then your team leader would come and congradulate you for doing
    such a great job!

    Those that took the time required, and solved the problem, would get in
    trouble for having such long call times
    Jamco, Sep 24, 2004

    outsourcing will cure that problem...

, Sep 25, 2004
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