Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. JC Allison:
    As it turns out, the problem is with the lock/switch on the bay insert. Not
    only are the switched inoperable in their present configuration, the keys
    are not compatible either.

    There is presently no jumper selected, and that sets the WesternDigital HDDs
    to Single Drive or Master, which is correct for the way this is to be used.

    Anyway, thanks for the response. I know more now than I did, but what I
    learned was not the solution to the problem. It's always something...
    ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. JC Allison:

    That is the two WesternDigital IDE HDDs

    As you may have or have not read that the problem with the computer not
    detecting the IDE drives was a fault of a switch, and that has been removed
    from the system. The IE drives are going to be integrally mounted and
    conncted. They are both in Single Drive/Master in the jumper department. The
    Primary Master has the CD ROM as Primary Slave. And the other WD IDE HDD is
    the Secondary Master.

    They are on separate controllers.

    I'm understanding you perfectly. To reiterate... both jumpered for Single
    Drive/Master, each on a separate controller, with the Primary Master having
    the CD ROM as the Primary Slave.

    I have to move the two Seagate SCSI HDDs each down one level in the HDD
    bays, and install the two WD IDE HDDs in the upper bays. I also have to move
    the CD ROM drive down to the bottom bay of the upper front access bays.

    Anyway, all of this will go quickly just as soon as I'm positive about what
    I'm doing, so I don't mess something up in the process... I can do this...
    Isn't this fun? :)
    ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 27, 2003
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  3. OUCH! Sounds like you've nailed the problem. Return those suckers if you
    I do it all the time with no problem (knock on wood). Things to watch
    for: knocking the drive off its support while it's running-keep your
    hands, feet, and children/pets well away until it's been shut down. If
    you live in a dry climate you might want to ground the drive. I've never
    done it but the only time our climate can be described as dry is when
    all the moisture is frozen.

    Sounds like you have adequate cooling for the case-how's the clearance
    around the drives themselves? If all 4 drives are packed top to bottom
    then only the top & bottom drives will benefit from the cooling. If you
    can space them with at least 1/2" between drives that would be much better.
    If your CMOS is already set to Auto-Detect then you shouldn't need to do
    anything. If it's set to None, which it could be for SCSI drives, then
    you probably need to change it. But it sounds like you're well on your
    way now. Good luck.
    Calvin Crumrine, Oct 27, 2003
  4. JC Allison:
    Well, this morning I gathered up the bay insert and the slide in tray, and
    off I went to the place where I got them. This is a fellow I call Bubba ROM
    DOS... Why you may ask do I call him Bubba ROM DOS? Well, we live in the
    middle of the largest Pine forest in the world, called the Deep East Texas
    Pineywood Forest... And if you're a good ol boy, you get called Bubba a
    lot... It's pineywood for "brother"... And the rest of it is a play on the
    name taken by Richard Alpert upon going to India and becoming a "holy" man
    known as Baba Ram Das... It's a long and complex story... Anyway, about the
    computer equipment... I explained to him all that I had been through, and
    what I had finally determined was the problem... He took the keys that I had
    and looked at them carefully, and then he grabbed another ring of keys off
    of a shelf, inserted it into the lock, and it worked like a charm on both
    switches... I apparently had the wrong keys for the units that I got. We had
    a good laugh. I then came home reinstalled the bay inserts, hooked them up
    to the ribbon cable and power cable, installed the HDDs into the Cartridge
    trays, put the trays into the bays, turned the lock to the LOCKED positon
    which in turn puts the switch to the ON position, put the sides back on the
    tower, and booted the machine, and it saw both drives at Primary Master and
    Secondary Master.

    Good to know. It is pretty humid here all the time. The respiration of the
    forest is the main source of humidity, but the moist air that comes up from
    the Gulf of Mexico is also quite humid... But fortunately, I didn't have to
    set the drives up for a test. I just reinstalled them like they were but
    this time with the proper key...


    both of the Seagates have cooling units on them and thus take up two bays
    each. The trays in which the IDE drives are located each have their own
    cooling fan. They are pretty slick little units...

    Well, what do I have to do to get them recognized on the "My Computer"
    window? A: Drive is there (1.44 mb diskette), C: Drive is there (Seagate 18
    gig HDD), D: Drive is there (Seagate 16 gig HDD), and E Drive is there (CD
    ROM). But there is nothing to indicate that the two 120s are being seen by
    the computer.

    So what is the best thing to do to make them work? I want to make them into
    one NTFS partition each. And I want to format them.

    What to do next? And how to do it?
    ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 27, 2003
  5. If they're seen at bootup then all you should need to do is partition &
    format them. The easiest instructions for me would be to boot from a
    Win98 floppy & use FDisk to partition, but that's not the easiest way to
    do it, just the easiest way for me to give you instructions.

    Let's see if I can explain the best way to do it. You need to get into
    the Disk Management service. IIRC you can do that by right-clicking on
    My Computer & choosing Manage. I'm pretty sure it's accessible from
    Control Panel too, but I'm not really sure where.

    Anyway, once you have the Disk Management service open (it's under
    Storage in Computer Management) you should see all of the disks
    recognized by the computer in the lower pane on the right side of the
    window. The 2 IDE drives should say unpartitioned. Right-click on them &
    choose Partition. Walk thru those screens. IIRC at the end it asks if
    you want to format the drives. If not, then once they're partitioned
    they'll appear in the upper pane on the right side. Right-click there &
    choose format. Naturally I don't have any unpartitioned drives around to
    be sure I've given you the right steps, but that's what I remember about
    it. Once they're partitioned & formatted they should show up in My Computer.
    Calvin Crumrine, Oct 27, 2003
  6. ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~

    Night_Seer Guest

    I'm glad you finally figured it out. If you go way back to the
    beginning of this post, when we first started, you will see where I
    explained how to get these drives initialized and then formatted. That
    is it win 2000 or XP? they are a little different, but everything is
    done in the disk management screen. Good luck ;)
    Night_Seer, Oct 27, 2003
  7. JC Allison:
    I put a Win98 floppy, but it was not clear to me what to do, so I deep sixed
    that idea...

    This is so...

    Actually the choice was "Volume".

    Actually, it just went ahead and formatted them both. They are now NTFS, and
    each is a single partition.

    It all went swimmingly! :)

    And so they do...

    So now The Scorcher is finally totally finished. It is now ready to do some
    TV production. What have I gotten myself into?

    Anyway, I just wanted to write a short thank you to all who responded to my
    posts... I live alone and because of some health issues, I seldom get out
    and about, and no one is allowed to visit. So this messing with the computer
    stuff, and having a whole group of people who are at least professionally
    involved is a real Boon&Luxury. Thanks again for all the Help&Suggestions.

    Hang in there.
    ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 28, 2003
  8. JC Allison:
    And so it was. Thanks for the help... What a learning experience it was. And
    in the end, it was that I had the wrong keys with which to turn on the
    Removable Media. Still, even if they HAD worked right off, I would still
    have had to go through all the partitioning and formatting. So now I know
    what to do, and it is like riding a bicycle.

    Hopr this finds you all doing great!
    ~~~AllisonWonderland~~~, Oct 28, 2003
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