Brandnew ECS Book PC

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Sales Department, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Brandnew EliteGroup (ECS) Bare Bone Book PCsystem

    w TV-out, LAN, Voice Modem, good for bank rate quoting, education, business
    & IA.
    52X CD ROM, FDD included,
    No Minimum order QTY required

    Here is briefing of config that goes w the system:
    l Case: book stand size PC w/four footer.(book PC)
    l Model: BKi810, Book size PC
    l FSB: 100 /66MHz,
    l CPU support: Celeron (PPGA), PIII (100MHz), Cyrix III(socket 370
    l CPU support: up to 950 MHz (Celeron).
    l LAN: 10/100 MHz (RJ45) built in, for Internet Browsing.
    l Modem: built in (for fax, voice)
    l Sound: built in
    l VGA: built in
    l FDD: Mitsumi 1.44MB 3.5¡¨
    l CDROM: 52X (top brand from BTC), w/driver
    l TV-out (composite port & S-Video port), for Video Projecting.
    l BTC 5201 PS/2 Keyboard
    l PS/2 Mouse
    l Speaker
    l High speed ball bearing slim CPU cooler
    l Power supply: 100V~240V Auto
    l Accessory: CD driver, manual, power cord, illustration sheet,
    Telephone line, silicon gel.
    l Size: 310x272x82 mm
    l Carton size: 520x370x220 mm (0.04 CBM). About 600 sets in 20¡¦
    l GW: 8.89Kg per system.

    Best price to you, unit price (ex-work Hong Kong.)
    300 sets USD 86.00
    200 sets USD 87.00
    100 sets USD 89.00
    50 sets USD 90.50
    for less Qty Please Contact us for price.

    W 0.5% FREE WTY BUFFER, or DOA 10 days testing.

    DETAIL :

    Patrick Cheung
    Town Target Technology Limited
    1805-7, Wu Sang House,
    655 Nathan Road, Mongkok,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel : +852-2505-5838 Fax : +852-2505-8121
    E-mail :
    Sales Department, Jul 5, 2004
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