Brand-new Hosts file - will nail all the ads, spyware, improve your bandwidth, etc.....

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Arfur, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    I now have an 11,500-line hosts file.
    ( Started reviewing my old one and couldn't stop - ended up increasing
    it by 10x after about 2 days' work trawling through the Security

    My bandwidth is no longer being pummelled by advertising and other
    crap I don't want to see.

    Especially useful to nail that 2% of PCs on your network that use 25%
    of your internet bandwidth......stick my Hosts file on them to sort
    them out.......

    Here is a tiny snippet: (If you want the whole thing....I can ftp it
    to you if you want, or something...I don't imagine 11,500 lines would
    go down too well here....) #[][Trojan.Muvipaz] #[IE-SpyAd] #[SecuritySpace.WebBug] #[SpySweeper.Spy.Cookie] #[McAfee.Cookie-Zedo] #[Troj/Swizzor-CN][TROJ_SWIZZOR.EJ] #[]
    Arfur, Mar 2, 2007
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  2. Arfur

    Fred Dagg Guest

    Wow, you've got WAY too much time on your hands...


    Stupidest Comment of the Year Award:

    "People should take responsibility for their actions"

    - (Leftist) Matty F (7/1/2007), when explaining it was actually the quadbiker's
    fault that he was brutally murdered by Graeme Burton. According to Matty F,
    it was his fault that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time...

    Best Rant of the Year Award:

    "Interesting to see the Green bastard even at a supermarket shopping, instead
    of living off the land growing his own food. At least he's helped to keep the
    cogs and polution of industry going by shopping at supermarkets which sell
    products from large filthy factories [that] use stinking diesel trucks
    polluting the damn countryside just to get the goods to Nandor's favourite
    supermarket. Well done Nandor you two faced tax paid good for nothing bastard"

    - E. Scrooge (1/3/2007), a little unhappy about the Green's proposal to ban
    supermarket bags...
    Fred Dagg, Mar 2, 2007
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  3. Arfur

    Spender Guest

    If it's text, go ahead and post the whole thing. These are text groups
    after all.
    Spender, Mar 2, 2007
  4. Arfur

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    Arfur wrote:


    You seem to be out of control here with this cross posting.
    Mr. Arnold, Mar 2, 2007
  5. Arfur

    Icy Wiener Guest

    You really a DNS server like (Gasp) Bind or (Double Gasp) MS DNS
    Just block the entire domain, the parasites constantly
    change the names of servers
    Icy Wiener, Mar 2, 2007
  6. Arfur

    Icy Wiener Guest

    You really need a DNS server like (Gasp) Bind or (Double Gasp) MS DNS
    Just block the entire domain, the parasites constantly
    change the names of servers
    Icy Wiener, Mar 2, 2007
  7. Arfur

    Maximum Dog Guest

    Vegetable Plow a hag wrote:

    <I am not even going to bother with K-Hag.>

    <You two homeless, sleepless and tired hags posting from a public
    library, both of you lunatics need to pull some medicated Cat Chow out
    of your purses and eat. Then you two hags after you're medicated on the
    Cat Chow can lay down and go to sleep for awhile. Maybe, you both should
    eat a couple of cases of the medicated chow and end your worthless lives.>
    Maximum Dog, Mar 2, 2007
  8. Arfur

    Meat Plow Guest

    You don't have permission to reply until I say it's ok.
    Meat Plow, Mar 2, 2007
  9. Arfur

    MCE Guest

    MCE, Mar 3, 2007
  10. [snip]

    You might like to try something rather more powerful than a simple
    hosts file block:

    Privoxy defaults to blocking things with "ad" or "banner" in the URL
    (rather than the domain) for example, so that it catches lots of
    useless stuff on otherwise useful sites. I particularly enjoy the
    "fast redirect" capability, so that sites like, which
    redirect all your clicks through, gets that
    redirection defeated and your clicks go directly to the site you want.
    Stephen Worthington, Mar 4, 2007
  11. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    Sure, for some domains, yes - poison the whole thing.

    For other domains, eg Yahoo, you want to be able to get Yahoo, but
    intercept any requests for the ads servers.
    Arfur, Mar 7, 2007
  12. Because the lines of a text file don't nearly achieve the mentioned
    functionality, are highly ineffecient and require privilege escalation?
    You are the clown. You'd need a system service to update it, you'd have to
    reboot on every change, and still it would be superfluos.
    No, it's a trivial fact.
    Nonsense, since the same functionality should be implemented somewhere
    else. Oh, and BTW, why should I care for HTTP on NON-HTTP protocols?
    Well, then why do you influence all other protocols?
    No, absolutely right. You only care for domain names. No other URL parts,
    you can't use regular expressions... how exactly do you want to adopt to
    Interesting... by naming one application which doesn't use SOCKOPT_NO_HOSTS
    you claim that every application is alike? What do you reckon, Heinz?
    Sebastian Gottschalk, Mar 9, 2007
  13. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    Oh, gee, I guess I'll go out and spend $10k on such an appliance...

    On the other hand, by copying my hosts file to the most bandwidth-
    wasting 200 PCs on my network, I reduce bandwidth-wasting
    dramatically....AT NO COST, without needing yet another server on the
    network, and without having to reconfigure my WAN network access.

    WHo are these idiots??????

    God forbid anybody gives them a job in IT - they could do some real
    Arfur, Mar 15, 2007
  14. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    ....because my 12,000 public servants use Internet Explorer to get to
    the internet...why would I waste time considering your nerdy
    objections which have zero applicability to a normal corporate

    When I look at my firewall, 100% of connection requests to crappy ad
    servers, spyware sites and other wastes of my bandwidth are http or
    https, of course - what do you think normal computer users do with
    their time?
    Sit around their spoof-stinky nerdrooms frigging with software in
    order to achieve completely pointless connections using pointless
    applications to do it with?

    If you have no practical experience of supporting a real-world
    network, why do you embarrass yourself by demonstrating your
    ineptitude in this public forum?

    A bet you even own an Apple Mac.......
    Arfur, Mar 15, 2007
  15. And with just introducing a fackload of management issues, security issues
    and problems.
    Yes, that's the question. But this HOSTS file dudes posts through Google
    Groups, so it seems like he's too embaressed to get a real Usenet provider.
    That's why you've been told to shut up. And damn fix your X-post / fup2.
    Sebastian Gottschalk, Mar 15, 2007
  16. Arfur

    Leythos Guest

    I design and maintain secure networks for a living - while the HOST file
    works, it's got a lot of flaws and it is not free, it takes time to
    maintain and it takes time to keep people from working around it.

    A typical appliance to protect you from that type of activity and many
    others runs about $3500 for your number of nodes (not knowing your public
    connection size I guessed at larger than a single T1) and that includes
    the web blocking service to limit access to content by type.

    As an exmaple, we've increased productivity almost 30% over
    pre-firewall/blocking levels at most places we've setup, and the
    maintenance costs have all decreased since so many other malware threats
    were also reduced - the units pay for installation and updates in less
    than 6 months in most cases.

    SG is almost a waste to talk with - he's got no real world experience and
    has not real world solutions.

    Want to know what PCBUTTS1 is really about?
    *** WARNING - these links contain foul/pornographic content of an
    abusive nature created by PCBUTTS1 and still hosted on his public
    website *** , , , , , ,
    All while spamming his company website at:
    Leythos, Mar 15, 2007
  17. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    Actually, it introduced *no* issues or problems (in fact I can't begin
    to imagine what sort of issues it is you are dreaming up), reduced
    bandwidth consumption and increased productivity in a number of people
    who were spending far too much time on the net.

    ....but you'd have to have some *practical* experience of these matters
    to know that, which is precisely why I am sharing my wisdom and
    knowledge with you dweebs.
    Arfur, Mar 15, 2007
  18. Arfur

    Arfur Guest

    I don't worry about the <1% of people who figure out a way around it.
    I'm just looking at the big picture, which is to effect a quick
    measurable reduction bandwidth being wasted on ad-servers, etc...

    I know it isn't elegant, clever, or foolproof, but maintaining it
    isn't a problem.
    I can think of three ways to keep it up-to-date:
    - adding a single copy line to their log-in script
    - dropping a simple copy script into their \tasks folder
    - copying direct to their hosts file.

    The 2nd two options can be done by keeping tabs (from your firewall
    logs) of the IP addresses sucking down the most crap in a simple text
    file, then using a simple script to copy your hosts file over to each
    We trialled Bluecoat, but in the end the Boss wouldn't fork out for

    We trialled LANDesk (which has additional uses such as licensing
    compliance, but gives you total control over the desktop in a very
    automated way - My final trial I ran on it was "Discover all MP3,
    etc.. files on the network"....and then the trial management PC was
    retired & became the office jukebox....hehe), but they wanted
    something like $1,000,000 to put it in (a lot of that was licensing)
    and the Boss wouldn't fork out for it.

    Something like Websense would have been good - it's a bit of a blunt
    instrument but it can really discourage 'net surfing, which is good.
    Again, the Boss wouldn't even consider this, due to cost.
    Yeah, we had already had to manually scrape out the malware since it
    exploded in late 2003, using the firewall to identify it all
    primarily, seeing as the Boss wouldn't fork out for anything else.
    He wouldn't even agree to send a donation to the makers of Adaware &
    Spybot when we suggested it.

    At least they agreed to aggressively hunt down and replace all the
    Windows98 PCs in 2005 - I think by the end of that year there were
    less than 500 of them left.
    ....then we just had to deal with all the Users complaining that we had
    taken control of their desktops and denied them admin rights.....
    Arfur, Mar 15, 2007
  19. Arfur

    Leythos Guest

    And it appears that most all of your testing/trials were with products
    that don't really apply to your need.

    A cheap/simple WatchGuard firewall with the Web Blocker service (also
    cheap) and even the AV/Spam services if you want go that far, would do all
    that you need.

    The specific firewall model would depend on your internet connection
    capacity, web blocker is a one cost item - each model of firewall has a
    cost associate with WebBlocker service - normally cheap - and the service
    blocks many groups of crap.

    The nice thing about the firewall and WB service is that you can allow
    some users to use RULE1 (no blocking) others to use RULE2 (block all) and
    still other can use RULE3,4,5,6... so that you can adjust the content
    blocking as needed - you can also create white/black lists for all rules.

    If you boss won't pay for anything with a base as large as your, well, the
    hosts file updates/maintenance will cost more than the firewill and
    provides a BETTER ability to protect the network/users. Your host file is
    of limited value and does nothing to protect your network from new or
    other methods of access.

    Want to know what PCBUTTS1 is really about?
    *** WARNING - these links contain foul/pornographic content of an
    abusive nature created by PCBUTTS1 and still hosted on his public
    website *** , , , , , ,
    All while spamming his company website at:
    Leythos, Mar 15, 2007
  20. Arfur

    Maximum Dog3 Guest

    Maximum Dog3, Mar 15, 2007
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